Orca Build

Does anyone have a good Orca build for highsec fleet mining?

Read this thread;
You have to choose. Is it for yield with mining drones or boost?
“Tank for a gank” as faar as you can.
Ïf you are solo mining, you better of in a barge when it commes to yield.

start of mining in 0.8 or higher and ganking is not such an issue.

Even 1.0 systems have decent belts.


It is possible to achieve 1 million ehp in orca in the extreme cases.

make sure you use bulkhead II an damage control in lower slots and watch out for being a war target or you make a juicy peach.

the price of pith resists is pretty low for some (not invul) to plug holes but do not fit expensive to encourage ganking. t2 will give you good ehp. always align out and watch local.

as above solo, mining works better in barge and being boosted.

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