Orca: What is this I don't even

What the heck is the problem with this fatty trying to warp anywhere once it leaves a station? I’ve got the 500mn microwarpdrive on it, and it warps just fine off of gates. But getting this damn lard-ass to warp once it leaves any station is impossible. I can burn out for a solid minute, a solid 2 minutes, whatever, and the damn thing still won’t warp.

Real-life Orcas are way more agile and fast, and way less retarded than this thing. Rename it to something else - the tortoise, the sloth, the snail - whatever.

You are kicked out the station 2/3 times your max speed best case scenario is you will need 2 cycles of a mwd to kick you in warp often more.

Stop the ship after undocking. When speed drops below 1/3, only then initiate warp.

Or have instawarp bookmarks.

Ok will try this - thanks.

EDIT: Yup, verified that works - thanks a lot. Good to learn the mechanics of how this stuff works.

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You can also click into the oposite direction you are moving after undocking and then cycle the MWD. Now it should be stopped fully. Then click warp to destination nd cycle again

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