Low friction nozzles question

Do low friction nozzles really help? specifically for use on an Orca, those are so slow and hard to turn can these really help ?

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Have fun getting ganked. Join the ranks of those who get ganked daily in Orcas fit for speed/maneuverability and not tank…

i didint ask about a ships mortality , im asking about manuver inprovment . thank you…

It’s a big, fat, slow ship. What purpose are you using it for?

First thing you want to do is to fit an MWD in a mid-slot. If you don’t yet know about the “MWD trick”, then here is how it works:

  • Enter into warp.
  • Activate MWD.
  • Deactive MWD before the cycle runs out.
  • Watch how Orca goes into warp at the end of the MWD cycle.

Because an MWD cycle takes 10s will your Orca go into warp after 10s. What the MWD trick does is to accelerate the Orca and at the end of the MWD cycle will the Orca have reached more than 75% of it’s normal speed, at which the max. speed will drop back to normal and thus the Orca now has the needed speed to go into warp.

If you don’t fly manually but use the auto-pilot then use the rigs to fit for at least one Large Transverse Bulkhead to up the hull tank. For auto-piloting do Nanofibre Structures in the Lows work best.


oh i know of the MWD trick , ages ago , i just want to get the darn *truck to turn a bit faster … knowing the orca almost take a whole minute if not longer to line up with the chosen destination. forget about manual steering it behaves like its got over aggressive steering camber LOL. use *click in space to turn is the only way to make it turn .

If it’s just for turning then have a look at the Large Higgs Anchor I (under Astronautic rigs). It has some pretty strong side-effects, but gives a huge boost to agility, which lets you turn and align faster.

PS: You might also want to ask such questions in the right sub forum, such as the PvE or PvP Center.

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Unless you need to enter warp with a second character you don’t really need faster turning. To do that you use the punting ship technique where you duel your alt account and use webs. The duel part is mandatory.

You know, I see questions like this all the time from so many players in and out of the game. This is concerning not just Orca but all ships in general.

Because peoples skills and implants vary, there is no single good answer, but there is one thing you can actually do and check it out.

Dock up in your orca and simulate it. Just right click on it and “simulate ship”. In the simulator, you have the main, right and left pane. Make sure your left pane is set to modules, not skins, and your right pane has everything open: defenses, offense, navigation, targeting, etc. so you can see everything.

Under “Navigation” in the right pane, you will find alignment time and warp speed. Furthermore, you can simulate any prop module on, off, overheated, and watch that align speed change with it. Just like modules, you can also change rigs, including low friction nozzles. However, Low Friction Nozzles will give you less armor. Why not try out a single T2 Inertia Stabilizer ? Inertia stabilizers give you a penalty to sig radius instead of armor but since you are flying orca your sig is already huge and it will make zero difference for you.

You can also fit different prop modules on it, see the difference in alignment while they are activated / deactivated.

Experiment with that ingame fitting tool. It is actually pretty nice because it takes your character into account, the only thing it won’t do is let you simulate different implants. For different implants you will need to switch to a character with them equipped or use one of the extrernal simulation apps. FYI, for me personally, Ship Agility, Cap capacity and recharge are default implants unless I go for something specific, in which case I have different clones with different implant sets.

Once you have a fit that looks like you might like it, go to a empty system and try it out a bit, just aligning and warping a around a bit, make some jumps, docks, etc. See how it feels.


Oh Fluffy Moe may the gods bless you and may broccoli never find it’s way on to your dinner plates, nor shall brussel sprouts or asparagus see the inside of your fridge.

You have just provided me with a solution, to a problem i have been pondering

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You may be having issues trying to warp after undock at a station. That’s a real issue for Orcas. What you should do is, give your Orca some seconds to put a little distance between it and the station, then hit stop. When the Orca has slowed to about 25% speed or so, THEN do the warp trick, or just do a standard align and warp.


If ya wanna keep ya orca safer, fit a higgs rig and slowboat towards somethin’ ya can be warpin’ to when danger arrives.

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