Ore and refined, when should i buy which

Whats the equation for when I should buy ore vs buying refined metals?

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There isn’t really an equation, other than “which option is more profitable”, but there is a good amount of discussion on this topic in this thread:

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That’s the part I’m trying to figure out, Their should be an equation for how much refined metal you get per ore with my skills and station fees taken into consideration.

Here’s a tool to help calculate yield:


The problem is that the actual prices are not static. The prices of commodities, such as minerals, and the end products fluctuate regularly and sometimes quickly. So, while it is absolutely possible to figure out your refining yield, figuring out the actual profitability of that is never static. Prices are always moving for the commodities as well as the products.

Tools like Fuzzworks can help here, but ultimately, managing both your production and buy/sell orders are key to determining what works for you and what actually turns a profit.

I’m not trying to be obtuse here, but this is a dynamic market that won’t allow quick calculation of the entire value chain so a single calculator will have trouble helping due to these dynamics.

As others have mentioned, you can easily work out your yield but the relative pricing will be a moving target.

As a general rule of thumb I assume efficient markets. Reprocess ore you mine yourself if you have level 5 skills and access to a bonused facility with low taxes. Otherwise sell compressed ore and buy minerals.

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