Ore grinder


What if mining barges was given an extra high slot and a new module was introduced that could grind ore.

Why grind the ore? Its a self defense mechanism, and the pulverized ore can be released to form a cloud of stone and metal frags around your ship that reduced the chance of a hostile unit to hit you. This may increase your chances of surviving a gank long enough for CONCORD to arrive.

An added benefit is that not all bargers will be fitting this module. Some may fit a cloaking device, salvager or even tractor beam instead?

A change like this this would make miners happy, and thats what we want :slight_smile: Have a nice day

I think the game has enough modules as it is but would the new module have its own BPO as well or would it be like many modules and some ships with no BPOs for sale?

Still not used to the idea that ships go BOOM, are you? Still trying to invent ways to circumvent inevitable mechanics.
You do know that CCP likes ships to blow up regardless of the circumstances, right?

The game is already complicated as it is. I don’t think more complications will help anyone.

It doesn’t look like miners are ever happy. If CCP adopted your idea there would be other miners with more brilliant ideas for CCP to consider. Pretty soon it won’t be EvE Online but Mining Online.

Thank you for your comment

Oh… didnt know they couldnt do their specialized job …

Barges already have those. As in, they have drone bays. Even if a barge had one, it’d still get ganked immediately. The point of a gank is to destroy the target faster than CONCORD can arrive or the ship could defend itself. A barge’s drone bay is sufficient to defend itself from most threats, even in a Retriever, but if you fly a solo Retriever in lowsec, expect to be destroyed immediately. Barges support a fleet based playstyle, where the closest to a solo barge is the Procurer. Just because you are bad at using a system that is already in place, you do not have to suggest a new system.

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Hi, Dchill. Still churning out those Eureka! moments I see. :grinning:

My experience of Highsec miners tells me that, because they don’t expect to be ganked, they are unlikely to sacrifice even a smidgeon of ore for defence purposes if it so much as touches their ISK/hour calculations.

On the whole, they’re a greedy, grasping, arrogant lot.

Perhaps a miner will join the thread and lend you their support. Let’s see (no alts).


You know, this is an interesting concept for sure, both in video games and real world the way something is done does indeed effect the out come however in relation to this idea, I would be more inclined to have this work towards gas mining in some capacity, maybe you drop in some rocks and can process them and it releases a temporary gas cloud to be harvested by players. Similar to moon mining except you have to load the materials for conversion.

I can picture athanors spitting out clouds of gas around it, the more rocks the longer the process, the higher the amount of gas.

Perhaps this could make the ores from mining missions more applicable, they would become duel purpose and scattered through the universe.

You could refine X minerals from then OR can reprocess them for gas clouds.

In keeping with the current structure of industry the more rate gasses would be harvested in space naturally but the lesser gases could be processed from such rocks. At least that’s one possible option, however I’m speculating.

TLDR: it’s an interesting concept which I feel has merit to it worth exploring