Ore Migration

hi all, been out of the game for a spell due to IRL and now my tower has died faster than i devour a large pizza.

wanted to throw out a concept which i think might help with player retention, currently people have said about the game being “too grindy” ratting is a pain because you gotta keep moving, building anything requires ore from all areas of space.

well this got me thinking about the game Pokemon GO, how they had Regional Exclusives, this was meant to help encourage people to trade, however due to social circles (as i believe this happened before covid) not everyone would be able to trade to complete their codex thing in a timely fashion.

so the games company decided to do a regional migration, i believe this was done every 3 months the regions exclusive monsters would shift and cycle through.

i was thinking that perhaps this concept could be applied to ores and help keep people who have set up in regions be a bit happier with the state of affairs in the game, this way you don’t have to go to every region of space to build a ship, you’ll get the ore, just eventually providing you’re not fighting over it.

i figured this would be good to put into the megaroids coming out, maybe there could be some kind of rock composition where the megaroid isn’t like normal asteroids where you can simply target it, but rather a large cluster of smaller but dense rocks which have different but desirable mins in. balanced and scaled appropriately of course.

perhaps something to consider.

The problem with pokémon go is you had to be next to whoever you traded with, meaning you would have to physically move yourself to the other side of the planet or have someone else do the same.

In eve all you have to do is stick an alt in jita. Your virtual avatar doesn’t even have to be moved.

true, however to get certain ores, you’ll have to travel to the other side of the game, this can be a tedious process, i figured a slow ore cycle might be beneficial, this way when you go “oh man, we finally get ore X” and someone tries to mine the same stuff, this could lead to escalation and battles over resources.

its possible you’d mine it all for profit but corps or alliances would have a quota or find a way of managing it for projects, markets and exports.

Unless it’s for small things and you live in the actual ass end of null you shouldn’t be mining what you need for manufacturing, you should be mining what is most profitable in your area and then selling that to buy the materials you need. You will save time and make more money. It’s how the system is designed to function and how the real economies eve tries to emulate work.

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true they work, but that’s because millions of people work across a variety of industries across different parts of the world, i think the model going on is good for the games global economy but makes local markets and production suffer, to produce something locally has become much more tedious. this is actually the case right now in the world as GDPs are shrinking, however in EVE this is basically represented by player loss specifically industrialists.

demand is down, thus production is down, production is down people don’t enjoy the game getting the shiny ships they want, it becomes a tedious project, granted players should be working together to achieve that which is the direction the game has gone in, but the system only really works for larger groups who can mine huge quantities

as you say you have to mine the highest value resource, ship it out and sell it, THEN import what you need, tiny issue with that is to maintain steady flow of resources you need to export almost everything from your area, if you’re exporting everything for profit and production, you then take a loss basically by building ships

I think having some form of ore rotation / rouge asteroid belt sites or something like that might help ease the disgruntled player base slightly, it works if you’re at the top and forces you into a labor position at the bottom and although people don’t mind shooting rocks, people want to do their own projects too rather than funnel everything into corp or alliance level buy backs.

with an ore rotation system it would also mean in fighting amongst groups within that same region of space to battle it out over resources. creating regular smaller battles in almost every region amongst the established groups or potential to form new alliances.

I just think it creates a better social dynamic in the game and gives everyone at some point a fair chance, a lot of people play casually for a chilled experience, being made to grind so you can buy something on a market half way across the game which you then need to pay to be shipped, wait for delivery and then work your project from there, even if its profitable, its tedious and goes back to the days of EVE feeling like a second job.

If you can make everything locally you decrease player interactions not increase.

Even when you could build a wide variety of things locally it would never be the best choice.


wouldn’t that depend though on the level of resources available though?

no, if you can gather A(1isk), B(2isk), and C(3isk) over an hour or you can just mine C for an hour you are left with

option 1 enough to build 1 item

option 2 enough to build 2.5 items.

so you spend your time mining a profitable resource and the have to pay to haul it out
then jump clone or switch accounts to sell it & buy more intended resources, which you then have to pay to be shipped to where ever you’re located, all of this takes time and slows down the industry process for players. also your exports including transportation cost pale in comparison of the demand for each regions resource. meaning everyone has to mine and play the import export game, this might be beneficial for some players but not the every day industrialist.

I’m not saying give industrialists epic levels of resources but changing it up a little with a bumper of a random resource from another region could be worth looking at. putting something which is a singular rare resource in an area will create a conflict or possibly an alliance between the two groups, aren’t we suppose to be battling over resources in this game?

this way you have the option to battle for it and have whole mining operations with security support or skip it and just keep the import export game going on.

selling imported resources also spikes the cost locally causing more issues with producing stuff locally.

i don’t know how many people have JF alts or whatnot but the minute people start ganking JF’s the player base is going to rage quit because the whole thing is becoming harder.

rule 0: make it fun.

grinding for minimal reward isn’t fun for a lot of players

Im beginning to think…

Ah yep… you don’t actually know what you’re talking about

Thats why most people don’t…

You’re fighting the games systems and want them to change to be how you think they should work.

There isn’t a single component in eve beyond the career agents that players are expected to tackle alone. The core of the game is built on thousands of players needing to interact and work with or against each other to achieve their individual goals.

It would actually be better to fix and finish Resource Wars for this. Resource Wars could spawn an anomaly that contains a variety of the missing ores in any region. Ore anomaly is contested by two factions (can be any, empire, pirate, rogue drone whatever) with combined NPC mining and combat forces.

Whichever gate you enter through determines your “side”.

Contest is to see which side gets the most ore into the waiting haulers. Can do by mining, boosting, logi, combat etc. Timer ends, one side wins, each player gets LP according to their contribution that can be used to purchase crates of minerals. Or maybe some factor where the winning side remains behind to mine the rest of the ore, losing side gets kicked out.

Possibly make it scannable/warpable after it ends, so that the winning side can still be interacted with by normal player methods.

There you go, new content, player interaction, teaching players and miners to fleet and interact, and boosts manufacturing by providing needed local minerals while also increasing PvP.

i think they’re doing something similar to this for FW

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