Other unique exploration ideas

i posted a little while ago about exploration escalations and i stand by that idea, however a slight off shoot of that idea is to create

“unique exploration sites”

the idea of resources being spread around the eve universe is good, when we had null sec ores in high sec we saw an age of prosperity, during the shortage phase we saw players rage quit.

with redistribution we do have ores isolated off and put into their right regions nicely.

so what if we now spice things up a little bit.

when moon dets had these other ores in them they were saught after.

so what if we take some rocks, increase the size but nerf the amount of mins you get from those rocks, this would create a unique site which exploration players would have to discover and bring controllable, low levels of minerals into regions / constellations from time to time

(not played pokemon go in many years but i kind of see it like the concept of regional migration, where the static pokemon in regions around the world basically shift to a new region, so those unable to travel can still catch them)

simply this but for minerals
a singular colossal sized asteroid like the spodumain style asteroid for example, but with low level returns, would help in my mind expand on team work.

explo player finds something → tells Mining Director → rallies the miners & pings FC → miners get on grid and start mining fast while FC brings a defense fleet.

large amounts of ships gets detected by other players
alert goes out

awesome battles over resources begins!

So why would we fight over a rock? We have lots of rocks at home, and if this big rock is making “low level returns” why even bother mining it when we can just mine something that gives “high level returns?”

Why would I want to be interested in ‘low level returns ore sites’ when I’m exploring in deep hostile space? In a ship that isn’t made for mining?

Or assume I am exploring in friendly space and have friends with miners nearby, why would I as explorer be interested in these ore sites? Whenever I find a site, forst I’m disappointed it’s not a data or relic site, then I tell my friends “low level returns ore site in system X with signature Y” and my friends then grab their mining ships and continue mining the moon field they were at, instead of mining some ‘low level returns site’.

This suggestion isn’t useful for explorers. And miners already have plenty of resources. I don’t see why there need to be more ore resources in yet another configuration.

well this is about resource availability, i admit maybe the mineral distribution could be better, but if it were equal to nullsec why would you bother trading with other regions.

certian regions of space have certain types of rocks and resources, for example caldari space doesn’t have kernite thats over in i want to say amarr space off the top of my head. so finding a large kernite rock which is loaded with kernite goodness in caldari space would be a rare treat, exploration pilots could probably find these in rooms which do have other factors like data or relic sites involved.

my thinking is that this would be a rare once a month thing in each region, why would you buy expensive imported and clearly marked up minerals when you could saddle up in a mining ship and mine a bunch yourself. given its one rock multiple people means faster resource depletion, which means to have those resources you need to fight over them.

which is kinda what the game is about.

It’s not really that expensive. You can fill a JF with trit sure, but that amount of trit will fit in 10k m3 if you buy compressed ore. If your JF service charges 500 ISK/m3 + 1% collateral then shipping is around 5% of the cost of the veldspar. So if there’s anything in nullsec available to you that’s worth 105% of veldspar, it’s a non-starter to mine a special rock in nullsec that gives you trit, especially since this rock has “low level returns.”

the returns on the rock are a variable and would be balanced appropriately, sounds like it needs to have higher returns to make it more viable, worth battling over? maybe even higher than that.

CCP decided to redistribute ores so that ores can only be found in some parts of space, so that each part of space has ores unique to that region.

Your idea is to revert that change by adding those ores to other parts of space as well in the form of a ‘unique exploration idea’.

A question to you: why do you think CCP made it so that ores can only be found in some parts of space rather than all parts of space?

Kind of related

A nice story: Do not remove a fence until you know why it was put up in the first place.

to be clear, what i was saying was about a singular large rock, factoring in on what DLT was saying it would just be a singular abundant amount of ore, the concept originally was high levels of ore which had a rare mineral for that section of space, this would mean people would battle over the rock itself.

the idea behind this was simply player convenience and get the “damn thats a good find” reaction from people. mineral distribution from this rock could be 25% lower, just as an example, but its worth mining because its convenient.

the singular non static location per region would mean interested parties would have to travel. its easier to hop a few jumps within a region then distinctly sending people to farm resources they don’t have access too and cannot afford to trade.

one player demographic finds it and shares the intel with friendly players, corp / alliance members, another demographic acts on it, thus building the team work and social aspect of the game

having one singular resource which is still subject to a redistribution or customization as well are a occurrence restrictions when when certain criteria has been met within the region.

I have said nothing about reversing the change, i’m not advocating nullsec ores in high sec again

i suppose if anything i’m more advocating the use of previous assets and models with their own rebalance to build upon the team work aspect in the game, the specific mineral distribution doesn’t have to be the same as its other name sake counter parts

a large rock of stable veldspar could with this in mind have say 100 trit and 10 noxcium (just as an example) how it would be distributed and balanced i do not know.

but the concept of finding a diamond in the rough and then you call your squad to come help you dig it out in hopes your not insanely rich but at least less poor is a good way to get people talking and working together imho.

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