Ore drifting through systems

iv had a thought/ question, dose the eve world have a gravity pull if no this could be a good idea, maybe a big sun in the center that pulls ore from 0.9 to the center slowly could be a way to fix the people who target defenseless ships when they are out in low sec and AFK mining and the ore will slowly move along. Maybe it was a big war and all the activitie and things blowing up made the system unstable and a black hole opened that might explode and become the biggest sun eve online has or just the black hole.

Or you could simply pay attention and not afk mine…


I didn’t say that part right but i new id get a comment where id get the chance to fix what i was saying it would stop afk mining as it would drift out of range and who wants that not me i just think it would fix the blance as a ton of gankers set up in rear ore sites and you cant get it i my self lost 4 ships trying to build one those odds dont really stack up yes my skills suck but the ships strong enough to handle what it was made for npc attacks not players attacks

Yah this would be extremely unrealistic to code in.

If you want more realism in space, check out Elite Dangerous/Star Citizen I would beware Star Citizen. Elite is at least a finished playable game.

Elite does have gravity around planets and can affect gameplay.

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I dont know anything about the code side or how hard it would be my simple mind thought that maybe they could set a speed that the ore is moving at towards the sun/ wormhole and even if its mined once the smaller rocks you can not mine in the belts reached the sun it would rest the ore back to 0. 9 as a full belt heading back into the center of the game but i dont no how to code so my thoughts probably don’t add up but thanks for the other game idears

I thorough also if they added blown up ships to what gets pulled in it would be a perfect place to sit and selvage ships no one wanted to collect

If you want more realism in space, check out Elite Dangerous


Elite is at least a finished playable game.

LMAO, boomer please.

what are your actual opinions tho?


When people can’t articulate a counter point like @Cyrek_Ohaya


it wouldn’t prevent afk mining, “keeping at range” is always possible. At most it would reduce yield per minute.

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Its the perfect one to a bait post.

All I asked is a response to my points. Nothing more nothing less.

Elite Dangerous is a finished came compared to Star Citizen and I was addressing OP’s response because he wanted gravity to affect gameplay.

Gravity affects me enough already just sitting in my computer chair. No thanks…


Hahahaha well said :clap: it was just an idear i hope they come up with a way to move the ore around more then as it always seems to be at the same place and gankers know this and take full advantage of it when setting up their HQ

First i need to explain why my spelling might be really off i have dyslexia so im sorry for that part but i am looking at this like a safety belt no one realy wanted them when they first come out till it started saving lifes and now its a must i could see this being the same id look at it as how good would it be to login and see that just out side your hq you have rear ore and theirs a fleet going so you can jump in and feel realy safe well trying to build that new ship for the ganker who just bit off more then he/she could handle well fighting another ship that can fight back and hold its own

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