ORE "Nomad" T2 Hauler

Core principle - a flyable/deployable base of operation. A combination between some of the traits of an Orca, Bowhead and Mobile Depot. Used to haul fitted ships and provide lightweight, mobile, temporary bases of operation.

Requirements (wip)
Ore Hauler V
Spaceship Command V

Mass - 150 000 t (orca mass)

Slot Layout - 3/3/3
PG - 1600
CPU - 270
0 weapon slots

SMB: 2.000.000 m3 - bowhead size
Cargo: 8.000 m3
Fleet Bay: 80.000 m3
Speed : 80m/s
Warp: 1 AU/s
Align: 30s
Sig: 3000m
Max targets : 0

Special ability :

Take 5 min to anchor/deploy as a base.
Once deployed/anchored, the owner is put outside of it in a pod.
They can then use it as they would use an Orca.
They can also board it, same as they would board an abandoned Orca
The deployed ship can’t be boarded by anyone else.
Once deployed, all its ship equipment becomes inactive.
If attacked it has the same timers as a mobile depot - 48h RF. It can be docked when under RF or target (unlike normal ships) and it can be reverted back to ship status and flown off.
If it’s RF-ed its bays can still be used.
Unanchoring takes 5 min if not RF, 15 min (or more maybe) if under RF.

It will help individuals deploy in unexplored space, do their thing, run some sites etc, then move off if it’s getting too hot. Maybe it can jump to industrial cynos I guess, but I would see its main use in WH space, now that mid structures go to ■■■■, like an upgrade over the mobile depot/orca alt.

Please help me improve it with your feedback.

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