Orlando meet with CCP Guard and CCP Curtis! - May 31

(CCP Guard) #1

Hey! We’ll be in town and want to meet a lot of you there for a couple of drinks and good times.

All the info is in the event, you need to sign up for free to help us keep tally. Any questions, please fire away right here :slight_smile:


(Niraad Khaaz) #2

I’ll be there!

(CCP Guard) #3

Awesome! See you next week :slight_smile:

(Eli Pacificator) #4

Can’t wait! i’ll be there too!

(Overshot Runway Again) #5

Just signed up. I’m looking forward to it!

(Admiral Sunshine) #6

I’ll be there too, that’s at least 4 nerds showing up :smiley:

(CCP Guard) #7

Haha :). There’s a lot more coming, we’re almost fully booked so make sure to sign up on the eventbrite site if you’re coming! :smiley:

(Solo Trekario) #8

Signed up.

(Papapants) #9

I work that day :(((

(CCP Guard) #10

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