Orlando? Anybody have tips on a good venue for early June meet?

Hello, friends!

A couple of us might be down in Orlando early June and we’re looking to round the local pilots up for a pub meet. Does anyone have suggestions for a place with good food and drinks where we could hang out for an evening and have fun? :slight_smile:

Also let us know if you’d be interested in coming!


You all may feel quite at home in the ICEBAR. :smiley:

Missing Fanfest this year but Orlando is in my backyard, so i’d show up!

ya i was born and rased jest outside of Orlando DONT GO

Will the tab be on CCP? If that’s the case lets do around the world at EPCOT

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Come to Toronto, Guard!


Tampa is a good place to go when you’re in Orlando. :slight_smile: Ybor city pub crawl!!
Seriously though you should consider Tampa too.

Edit: Either way I’d be interested in going. ((If it’s on the weekend))

World of Beer is a nice bar with good food and atmosphere. Only down side is no liquor. I go when I travel into Orlando.

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City Walk is really good for night life, and i would love to attend! Universal is a ton of fun too

The Orlando Convention Center might be a little big for the area, but you can also look into that as a venue. Plenty of space

Tampa is also an hour drive from downtown orlando

If price isn’t too much of an issue, I definitely suggest CityWalk at Universal. There are a lot of great choices out there. Someone mentioned World of Beer, and there is a pretty big selection out near University of Central Florida.

I know, I live in Tampa. :slight_smile:

Cool place near UCF is Cloak and Blaster.


CityWalk at Universal will have a lot of decent themed venues as well as Disney Springs.

Floridians avoid Orlando.

Thanks for the feedback, space friends! Sorry how slow I’ve been to responding :). We’ll look these up and if anybody has more ideas or wants to reach out to us to talk ideas, please do.

Coming from a Floridian that lives in Orlando, Works in Orlando, and goes to the theme parks all the time, i disagree with that statement :slight_smile: Floridians avoid places like I4 and other traffic heavy routes and take back roads to get to popular places.

i’m flying in to orlando to meet some eve bros over the week of the 21st… hopefully you guys are around!

Hi there CCP Guard, I know people in Florida who’d love to meet up in June, me included. I’ll reach out to our Florida Eve FB group as well. I’ll also look for some venues in the Orlando Area as well.


I’m in Tampa. Would totes drive over to Orlando and I know one or two who’d ride with me. Maybe even a 3rd and a forth from north Florida.

I’ll be in Vegas 10-15 tho

Hi CCP Guard!

More than a few of us from Florida have been to Eve Vegas and Eve Fanfest, it would be great to hang out with you and some of the CCP Devs for drinks and food here in FLA.


  • Seconding the idea of Tampa (1 hour drive) as an alternate location. Tampa International Airport offers nonstop flights to and from Reykjavik as well.

  • Traffic on I-4 during the week is a bear - could this be on a weekend?

Hope to see you there!

There’s an Eve Online Florida group? o.O