OS 10.13 or higher

hi, today update 12/oct/2021 kickme out of the client saying i cannot longer run the game because i have a non compatible OS which is OS10.13.6.

The page said the minimal OS required to run the game is 10.13 so what is happening?

According to this, Mac OS 10.13 has been deprecated. Don’t know if there are any work arounds. Of course, if you can update your Mac OS, you might want to start there. And in the meantime, you can try playing on Eve Anywhere. It’s probably not ideal, but if you’re in a supported country, it will at least allow you to play until you get things sorted with the native client. Oh, and here’s a link to the official dev thread if you need it.

No P2W

thnx bud im already updating the os

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