Other than BPCs, what are some things that look valuable at first glance but aren't?

I have a funny idea but things other than BPCs might help out with it.

Some BPCs not only look valuable. They are valuable.

Unless you are so elite that 20+ billion is chump change.

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i gave up of EVE industry
that makes me kinda sad
back them i loved to build some ships to use
and industry was what lead me to PVP
i was making interceptors for some goons “war” in some (low sec?) few jumps away from jita
to make some isk , opportunity and stuff

but i notice that they sited on the gates with no care in the world , so i began to try to kill them between sales runs

Look at my 15bilz contract full of rare 50k isk faction, officer and deadspace mods ! I even put a few isogen on it.

Ok, we got it: you got a bunch of expensive BPCs. Call my dumb but I’d rather had the built up ship.

Yeah. I have plenty of those as well.

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i will excuse you from your show offines because you gave me that fantastic hull

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Imagine someone being so desperate and insecure that they feel compelled to show up to a game forum once a month just to brag about their in-game non-wealth in some random thread. :thinking:


I don’t think this guy understood what I tried to say.

Oh, cute ships BTW. [/sarcasm]

It kind of goes with the name :wink:

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


she is still docked because I’m to poor to make the uber fit that she deserves
its like restoring a vintage car
a project

i want armor implants and marauder bullying potential

If you plan to drop bait loot that is worthless but seems valuable consider broken laser crystals especially navy and other special versions. As they are used up thus broken can anot be sold on the market but when you open a container with them in it the estimated value will show the price of the ones you can buy on the market (intact crystals).

If you plan to create a scam contract you can’t do this if I recall correctly as only repackaged crystals can be contracted so in that case you have to come up with something else.

Bricked abyssal modules can look juicy in both cases despite are worthless due to bad roll.

Same can go with some faction modules that are dirt cheap but could trick someone not paying much attention.

You devil you!

Usually, this would be players.

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