BPC scams littering contracts?

sooo I was looking to producing some stuff for myself with my own mining/refining skills which are decent enough to make more from refining then selling the ore in a player refinery.

Soo why not get more into industry? more isk to be saved/made!

noticed all the BPC ships i am looking to use/make ammo (FOR THE AMARR EMPIRE!) are being sold for plex that cost more then just out right buying the product …

buying BPO’s is crazy expensive for my plans and would require the all mighty credit card

I never fall for a contract scam… but what do you do when 100% of the available contracts with the BPC you are looking at are scams…

maybe I am just salty that scammers think they are funny controlling the entire BPC market of a given item?

Screen shot example scam please?


that not going happen for a while since I am at work LOLZ (waiting for something to process and figure i ask this question)

but *i was specifically looking at Amarr ships/Battleships/Battlecrusiers this morning (like this morning there was only 4 BPC contracts that included a Abaddon, all for were being sold for 75 plex.

i believe Armageddon was the same thing

Being outrageously expensive or being a scam are two very different things. :roll_eyes:


if it’s outrageously expensive it is a scam because no one would buy it unless they misread it the price of 0 isk and ignore the fact it cost a plex worth more then the ship itself.

75 plex is like 225million isk?

yeah thats over priced for a BPC . I get off work in 2 hours, i can ask around see if i can get you a copy of some amarr stuff

Still not a “scam” because it didn’t cost you anything to not buy it.

Just someone has an over inflated view of what their product is worth and you’re chose to buy it or not.

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Is it to hard to scroll down or what?


there was only 4 expensive plex contracts listed and now i know why…

i was filtering by “WANT TO BUY” instead of ALL/WANT TO SELL…because I am, thinking I WANT TO BUY ■■■■…

while your a dick Space Kitty Paws…you helped point out to me what I did wrong and I thank you

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The good 'ol BPC contract scam…

it was a lot more of a scam when 1 plex would take you an entire month, but it better showcases the long standing issues with the contract system that is currently in play, which is a large part of why almost nobody uses it to find stuff.

IMHO you are better off asking around in trade channels to find yourself a supplier for the BPCs you are interested in, as well as open convo with random folks in the Amarr militia if you are interested in their ships… might be able to work something out that benefits the bothes of yous.

Try the blueprint channel ingame, its an official channel so you can find it in the channel list :blush:

that channel is a waste of time. Never use such a dead channel.

Looking for honest (T2) BPC deals? Contact BPC R Ush or BPC R Ush II.

You can find hour legit offerings on Public contracts in Jita orSell order forum.

/End shameless self promotion!

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