Otsada Industrial and Mining Corp Needs You!

Hello to all

We are Otsada Industrial and Mining Corp. Our focus is the production of low and mid tier ships. We have multiple divisions to suit you:

  • Mining Division
  • Production Control
  • Manufacturing
  • Freighter Divisions
  • Security

Each of these different divisions have its own set task to help us reach our goal of production.

Road Map:

As a fresh Corp we are starting with simplier ships to produce. Lower tier ships to be sold on the market is our main priority. As we expand, we can work together to start producing mid to high tier ships and components. We operate in highsec and lowsec sectors. As more join us we will move out to other types of sectors to expand and find new resources.

We want you to join us on our journey through the stars to prosperity!

Join our public recruiting chat: OIaMC Recruiting
Join our Discord: Otsada Industrial and Mining Corp

***Along side these roles, were looking for experienced players to manage the players below them. Each division has its own manager and will need an interview via our discord with our Founder.***This text will be hidden

Still actively recruiting

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