Otsasai/ abusive pvp group

my intention is not to disturb, but due to recent events I feel obliged to warn about a series of “bad practices” on the pvp in low-sec.
there are many groups of “pilots” who are dedicated to only hurt new pilots, it is assumed that, in this game you could do everything (which I accept and I am not “against”) but the truth bothers that always, the same groups are dedicated to kill pilots who with the sweat of their forehead and for a lot of effort have a small amount of isk within eve, especially in this system as it comes to be ashamed to see members of Pandemic Horde Inc. in these practices so aberrant.
be careful in the system otsasai , since we are giving isk to people who do not deserve it

Just stay docked up in highsec then. Unless they wardec you you’re pretty much safe.

I recently lost my 300mil Gila and i just shrugged it off as a 80-day old player. Live with it.

So you got ganked. It happens approximately 137,000 times each and every day. You’ll live. Welcome to EVE…

I’d have ganked you simply for that laughably horrible fit…

Choose any two.

You’re taking this personally. Anyone is game, anywhere.

Stay in hisec if you want to limit the chances of being shot.

@Neys_Adoudel So the diplomatic solution is to Create a “solving the bullying group”. CCP is there a report we can run that shows us all orgs sorted by most “noobs” killed? We then band together, get our ships and show them what New Eden is made of.

It happens in all MMOs, the “high ranked” players love to hang out in low ranked lands taking what they want with little to nothing gained. New Eden makes this fair since they do have a Low Sec warning, I do agree new pilots shouldn’t go into Low sec in the first place. Let me add, if your a noob and show up in battle in ow sec not prepared - then yes you deserve a game over. However is a corp is actively seeking low grade miners, researchers, explorers etc… Then a Players call to arms is justifiably needed. Let see how these pilots do against the real Capsuleers of New Eden.

I’m shocked, shocked to find PVP going on in Eve.

Why people feel compelled to shamelessly kill players I will never understand. BTW check out my efficiency on zkill dudes!

You pick your name which represents the most highly-protected-brand-sensitive-company in the history of the universe…?

Future Caldari Citizen 0900123584

Unlikely, it’s not vulgar in anyway and it doesn’t fall under the group clause cause it’s a location not the organization itself.

I’m not a ‘space lawyer’ type but a quick check of the EULA says otherwise…
that’s all I’ll say about it, gl.

Hmmm hope I get to keep it, it’s my favorite place in the world!

You went into low sec… At that point, the number of people trying to kill you greatly increases.

As for killing noobs… No one knows if you are a new player. You can claim oh look, my creation date says X. Yet last night I had a corpmate who spent about 8 bil on skill injectors and turned a freshly made character into a 5 mil skillpoint frigate pilot with cyno skills. Any one assuming it’s an easy kill will be sadly mistaken.

…and on to more important news…

I had a turkey sandwich for lunch and it was super good. Lettuce, tomato, mayo (miracle whip is for noobs who complain about getting ganked in low sec), sharp cheddar cheese slice.

So good, and with much less sodium than this post!


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