Ouperia Drone Recovery - Your new Ship and Drones!

Greetings and congratulations on purchasing your new ship!

Your new ship was rescued from a dark fate, either abandoned or neglected.
We took the ship back to our home hanger, gave her a full cleaning and refitted her with suitable equipment and drones that we rescued from the void of space.

Finally we rechristened her with a new name, and shes ready to serve one more.

Please, treat her and the drones she carries well.

Fly safe, Capsuleer o/

About our Corp:
Ouperia Drone Recovery is a Roleplay, PVE and positive capsuleer interaction corporation.

Ship Designations: ODRS

This corporation has three main missions in New Eden.

  1. Rescue of neglected or abanadoned Drones and Ships.
    Our passion is to rescue drones and ships from space. We refit them for use, clean them up and give them new unique names.

  2. Participation in major New Eden events of importance.
    We actually seek to take part in the major story brewing events of New Eden, such as Triglavian invasions and other events as well as interact with large scale Capsuleer interactions.

  3. Research into AI, Rogue Drones and other technological life.
    We actively study the AI of New Eden as well as the evolving design and intelligence of Rogue Drones. We work hard to foster their positive interactions with Capsuleers.

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