Our Intrepid Girl Reporter -2- Gankstas


"I’ve got to do something…drastic!

“Araaaaabellllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Get me a list of…of gankstas. That’s right, gankstas. We’ll start there.”


“Is there something wrong with your hearing? I mean, there was that story about the clone bay accident in Brapelille back in February, but I divert… no, no, no. I said ganksta. I want to see all the public records regarding gankstaing, for the Cluster. Then get that horribly expensive locator agent, Summer something or other, I keep on retainer. Tell her I’m going to need her services expansively. I’m going to dump a bunch of requestions her way and I expect…service. And I mean service, like from a 5 star, double digit.”

"Gankstas…gankstas…gankstas. Why are all these returns for those CODE. guys? I don’t want them. Besides, they have a permanent pr guy on retainer, they don’t need the exposure…well, except for that little red head up in Peri, but he won’t…well, we won’t go there.

"Anyhow, James has simply got all these guys (it’s so unfair)…I need new. I need undiscovered. I need hungry….well fucaroo starcakes…

"Geng…Geng…Geng. Arraaaabellllllaaaaaa! Pull up all the records, from Concord, on this Geng chick, she’s passable, and if we pose her just right, yes, yes, I can work this; and oh, if you have to, pay off someone. Pay off Georgie. I want this fast, as in like a minute ago fast. Promise Georgie, I don’t know…oh, oh, oh…tickets…to the Sennda viewing day after tomorrow, that is…if he gets me that info…now!

“He loves their nanofiber leather stuff, you know… and, I happen to know for a fact, he bought two of those little yellow body stocking numbers. He wears one, and keeps the other for spare…oh yes, he really wears it, in private, well at private parties, of course there was that one time, welllllllllhejust wears it. And you know what I mean…wears it!”

“That man can really wear…lime.”


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