Our Intrepid Girl Reporter -4- He Said What?

"Oooooooooohhhhhh fucaroo starcakes…

"That was good. Itwasreallyreallyreally good.

“I sounded like a real reporter…and everything,” eyes shining, squealing, "I am a real reporter.

“Take that Alton Haveri, and spin it in the station. I was there…first!” (Tiny fist pump.)


"Ooooh, Arabella, what did you think? I was good, wasn’t I? I wore brown and everything.

"Now, now…now, what…what next? Whaaaat next? Contact the guys who lost the stations…why weren’t they fighting, anyhow? It’s their stuff.

“Surely, they set their timers to…to…their time. I mean, seriously, who’s going to waste all that isk on stations, in the first place, if they’re not intending to keep them…they could buy ship skins, instead. Inject a little fashion and colour in their life. I mean it is French industries, surely they have some common fashion sense…”

"French Industries, French Industries…well, fucaroo starcakes, these guys just don’t exist. I wouldn’t even know they were there except for the citadels going boom. That’s really odd. Hm, no combat records except for the CEO, no…nothing…where did their isk come from. Why did they buy mining platforms? Those little red stations are not the cheapest option, they could’ve bought those yellow rats, if they just wanted bragging rights. You know Arabella, “my group just put up a…insert whatever”,…starcakes, guys and their egos.

“Okay, well, we’ll just pm the guy in charge and see if he responds…if he doesn’t?” quafe smile flashing, "this is the independent press, I’ll make something up!

“Problem solved!”

Arabella!!! Tora Bushido said wwwwhhhhhaaaAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!”

Attempting to decipher coded message failed.
Return to sender.

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