Ourapheh Combat Initiative

Greetings pilots;

Please, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Giesta Nimbelain, an upcoming capsuleer, intrepid explorer and warfare enthusiast.

As some might be aware, recently new opportunities to improve our piloting skills have been made available, including the possibilities of permanently surging our abilities through capsuleer combat.

To the effect of taking advantage of these coming opportunities, I am hosting the Ourapheh Combat Initiative, aimed toward the shy, less adventurous capsuleers that wish to improve themselves in the art of warfare, as well as the veterans that wish to impart their expertise to their fellow pilots.

The initiative will take place every day at 23:00 in the proximity of the Natural Phenomena in Ourapheh, from today 12th March YC122 to the 14th April YC122. Myself and up to two other volunteers will be present to provide matches in case of low turn out of participants.

The guidelines for the participants are as follow:

  • Guideline Alpha: To ensure a fair match of skill between participants, all participant ships must be fitted with Tech 1 modules or their Meta Tech 1 counterparts, with exception to Ammunition which can be of Faction variants. You are encouraged to bring a Frigate or Destroyer class vessel of Tech 1 variant to the matches. Dodixie is in close proximity to Ourapheh if you wish to purchase your ship and fittings. I encourage less experienced pilots to opt in using one of the openly available Pilot Versus Pilot Community Fittings as a template.

  • Guideline Beta: Matches will happen in two rounds. The first round is a test of skill between two opponents. The second round is a rematch. During the rematch I encourage participants to give themselves a handicap against less skilled opponents as to give them a chance to practice and learn.

  • Guideline Gamma: I encourage participants to not shoot the capsules of their opponents during matches, but I also warn that there is the possibility your opponent will be ruthless. Act accordingly.

  • Guideline Delta: Opponents will be assigned randomly as more participants join in on the site. Multiple matches can take place simultaneously so I encourage observing participants to distance themselves from the matches.

I hope you come join me in this Initiative and grab this opportunity for personal growth.

Those who are interested can join the communication channel “Ouraphen Combat Initiative” to discuss and exchange information.

Fly safe, pilots. o7

Information present in this announcement will be updated as deemed necessary.


Excellent initiative Madmoiselle Giesta, count with my support to participate in the frigate-class matches.

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Yesterday the Initiative started in earnest and the first round of matches took place.

I’d like to thank Mister Colcer and Mister Menkalinan for their support. Here’s to the continued success of the Initiative.

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I’ve checked this out and it’s a thing. Thanks Giesta and Sagan Cogar for the good fights.

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