Outpost change vs outpost bpc change

Outposts are changed with nearly priceless faction fortizars
Outpost bpcs and bpos are changed with nearly useless raitaru bpcs/bpcs.

Another show of appreciation for those who spend time building content in this game.


Should have built an outpost, what is the price difference in the actual prints involved?

I mean, you’re complaining that a BPO costing 1.5bil is being replaced by a BPO costing 4bil, what were you expecting exactly?

A BPO costing 4 bil that is not selleable for even 2 bil. BPCs that were sold for 100 mil are now wasting market slots at 5 mil. Compare that to a structure worth 12 bil that can now be sold for hundreds of bil easily.

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You got your usage out of that BPO OP, stop whinging and move with the times.

Doesn’t matter if its not sellable for that, you wouldn’t have been able to sell the outpost BPO either, and sure, they could sell those new faction fortizars, if they wanted to trash the single rig they are given that makes them useful, if you didn’t build an outpost and hold it then why should you deserve to be given loads of free ISK just because you own a BPO? you’re actually being given a far more useful print as fortizars are actually going to be used far more often than outposts are so you’re already getting something better, whining just makes you look like a child

You get a raitaru print not fortizar which shows you have no idea what youre talking about.


Forget it man, this is big blocks propaganda at work. Should their outposts been changed into raitarus instead of fortizars, would have been another discussion altogether. But that would never happen, because it’s them that CCP works for.

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Name was wrong price was correct, so my point still stands with a typo

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