Outstanding support for new players

I had a drama with my accounts omega time being credited to my non-steam account. Within 3 hours of notifying them; the 3 months time was credited to the correct account and i was advised that it was all sorted out.

Credit where credits due. I also play WoT and their support is a joke.

Thanks again



We are quick to judge when things go wrong but not to praise.



I’ve always had good help and response times from GM’s. It only takes long if there’s something “fishy” in regards to account security or the likes is going on or people are being idiots. That and “reimburse my Raven” tickets, but fck those.

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That’s because WG doesn’t care about their customers. They offer server transfers to maintain critical mass for dead servers but if you move to other side of the earth you cannot transfer even for money. ASIA server needs MCT and to do that you need people. No people means no whales to gouge. I HATE wargaming as a company and they embody some of the worst business practices ever seen. They’re even worse than EA.

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