Overheating Cloak

Overheating cloak would prevent sub 2km decloak by static collidables (player structures, jet cans, gates, gas clouds, etc). Module experiences moderate heat damage.

Other player ships in proximity would still decloak an overheated cloak.


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Err, you got this one wrong. OP isn’t another instance of “make cloaks generate heat so I can RMT bot better”, it’s a suggestion for an overheat mode that you can activate that makes your cloak even more powerful for a short time. Nothing in there suggests that heat would happen in normal operation, or that the current uses would be nerfed in any way.


I like this idea, it adds an interesting twist.

This could be something that depends on a the cloak, for real Covert Ops it could also work on players.



Other uncloaked player ships I’m assuming?

At first glance I rather like this idea; it’s an interesting twist on cloaking.

It could give cloaked hunters more tools to use when approaching a target, but it could also increase the relative safety of PvE ships like hackers since they could just pre-heat their cloak and effectively cloak at any time.

I’m not sold, but I like the idea and I want to see where this discussion goes.


Gonna go with no, its already very difficult to catch anything with a covert cloak.

Yes, preheating in that instance could be problematic. Would introducing warp limitations while cloak is in overheat cycle offer enough counter-play to attempt a decloak by ship bump?

Thank you. I’d feel for balanced counter-play the option to decloak someone with an uncloaked ship should always remain.

These are my feelings too. Cloak works normally and indefinitely while not overheated. No changes local.

However, with feedback it may be worth exploring maximum velocity modifiers and warp limitations while an overheat cycle is active. As has been expressed pre-heating a covert ops cloak on an exploration ship hacking a can or prospect huffing gas may be far too strong as a defensive measure if an enemy appears on dscan or grid.

Under those conditions I would lean toward disabling the ability for CovOps cloaks to warp while an overheat cycle is active (introduction of a cloak cycle time also becomes a point of discussion).

Part of using a cloak is skill and ship position. There really isn’t any need for this change.

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