Overview compact mode / presets

Can overview compact mode retain the ‘window’ header, and squish the top/bottom margins on the overview tabs instead? I’d like to retain the active preset in the view. As an avid overview enjoyer I’m constantly changing visibility states and presets for temporary needs, and in compact mode you have no idea what preset is applied (unless you never change it).

Tangentially related, my preference would be to apply a preset as a template, and then allow me to edit in an unsaved state without effecting other overview tabs that might also be using the initial preset. (also, curious if this recently changed on tranquility? feel like I’ve noticed it there recently for the first time).


p.s. would be nice if the overview ‘column headers’ had a thin horizontal line under them e.g. the dscan column headers.

Looks like the overview pack being used (z-s overview) adds additional vertical padding to the headers, and the default compact state is compact enough. So, not sure if makes sense to keep the header in compact mode, although losing preset kinda hurts.

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