Overview Positive sec status bug

I have noticed that “Pilot has a security status above 0” is not an option on the priorities list in the Overview Appearance tab of the Background and Colortag menu’s. I believe this is creating a conflict with pilots that are set with a negative ‘standings’ tag and the system is not applying a background color to those pilots if the Standings box is unchecked and set above the security status settings, as positive security status pilots with negative standinds set are not showing up with a colored background. There doesn’t seem to be an option for a positive sec status neutral.

I appreciate any help with this. -Oreb

No one?

There is a ‘Pilot has No Standing’ in the case that the pilot is not listed as a contact in any way. But my issue here is that the pilot IS a contact, but the overview checkbox for standings is unchecked, because the background interferes with what is possibly a negative security status flag, which the standings flag will over-ride when placed above Pilot is criminal/sec status below -5. This priority is necessary, as you need it higher than criminal for friendlies that are low security sec status, as we often have experienced in Factional Warfare with the default overview settings.

I feel that this conflict of priority is caused by the fact that a Standings setting DOES exist, but the system is not recognizing that the box is unchecked, and therefore has no background for positive sec status pilots which are flagged with a standing that is not applied because it is unchecked as a background, and therefore shows clear.

I don’t want any that are clear. They blend too much with other non-player warpable icons, like stargates, stars, complexes and such.

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