Overview Settings - Suggestions

I was re-doing my overview settings, and there have always been a few things that frustrated me. Here are some suggestions for the overview settings.

  • Keep Overview Settings window OPEN after clicking “Reset All Overview Settings”

  • “Select All/Deselect All” boxes on the individual categories under Tab Presets > Types

  • Up/Down arrows on lists that can be re-ordered (Appearance, Columns)

  • RGB/Pallet colour selection for “Tab Name”

  • Widen the input boxes either side of the “Ships” tab options

Please add to, or comment on these suggestions.

Another suggestion: When CCP introduce new overview things, provide us with a dialog where we can add these new things without having to sift through all these things manually. For instance, do it like the corp roles window with all the tick boxes: row names are your overview settings, column names the new overview items. You can check a box in which overview setting the new items should appear.

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