Overview Settings

I’m using a set of overview settings that I’m trying to customize. One has all my corpmates. One has anyone blue. One has all player characters that aren’t blue. One has drones…

I actually don’t know how this was settup. When I fiddled with the overview tabs before, I could do things like include or exclude asteroids, ships by type (frigates, command destroyers, destroyers, battleships, miing barges… yadda) but I could not figure out how to do so by corp. So now I have a preset overview, but I don’t like parts of it.

So I do want to customize it, but I have no idea how to do so. One of them said he didn’t even know how to customize it and suggested I played with it. One of them did know how to do so, and said I don’t need to see friendly drones. I could wait 3 hours to get an explanation from someone who has pretty much explained everything to me when i had questions… but I asked here anyways.

Customizing the overview is not the easiest part of EVE…
Some info: Overview - EVE University Wiki and Overview settings - EVE University Wiki

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