Overwriting/Modifying a fitting in the fittings explorer?

I made a research but I couldn’t find this on the forums. Am I the only one that finds annoying the fact that you cannot modify one of the saved fittings overwriting the one before? If you name it the same it creates a new entry with the same name, so the only way to properly “modify” a saved fit is to create another one, and delete the one before. I get that when you click “save” it gives you by default a *alreadysavedname prompt, so you don’t overwrite stuff by mistake, but is there a reason why it’s impossible to just overwrite an old saved fitting?

Also the ability to rename saved fists would be cool!


The solution to your problem is to not waste any time with the ingame fitting tool. It sucks.

I do all my fittings in pyfa. I maintain them via the API. The only time I use them in game is for multifit, or for multibuy.

but I’m laaazyyyyyyy D:

Me too. That’s why I use pyfa. It’s easier. Even with the rigamarole of syncing up your fits ingame and in pyfa.

I’ll give it a look, but my suggestion stands =)

It would be nice if the fitting tool could recognise if you are trying to save a fitting for a certain ship with a duplicate name and ask the whole;

‘There is already a fit for this ship with this name. Would you like to overwrite?’

Yes…yes i would!

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The 0.01 seconds it take to press one letter or number on the keyboard to name them properly doesn’t make the fitting tool bad but someone else at being disorganized.

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You’ll note I did not indicate I have trouble finding my fits. I said the fitting tool sucks.

Meaning building fits ingame, doing sanity checks, checking performance, all of that is woefully lacking (and in case you are in the mood to split hairs, I said lacking, not missing) in the fitting tool.

As directly mentioned, I do use the ingame fits for multibuy and multifit, both of which are quite simple.

What do you mean by that? I mean fitting some office mods here and there make a fantastic lossmail.

Well, for example, there’s often a small pricing difference between the Core, Corpus, and Centus X-Type armor hardeners. No reason to spend more than you need to, and pyfa very handily tells me the price of each as I fit it. Sure the in-game will show me a total fit cost, but it won’t show me the jita cost nor will it do a breakdown.

Another example would be rapidly comparing whether meta4, 5, or higher warrants the cost. Or whether or not heating makes any real difference.

Heating a sebo with a scan res script on a 'deemer, for example, pretty much pointless, taking 0.2 seconds off of the time it takes to lock another BB. Means I’m never going to bother heating it. Pretty sure they do include scan res details in the fitting tool, but they don’t tell you that your average BB will be locked 0.2 seconds faster.

Fantastic lossmails, however, I would attribute more to a player sanity check. Since most of us are insane at some point, there’s usually a few good lossmails to laugh at.

Oh that’s what you mean. Well, I make all my fits on SiSi and when I am “rich” enough to get a certain module, I’ll do my price checks before I yolo down to Jita, only to get a message from a buddy, who tells me I could have gotten that modules for 15 million less in Hek.

How that ingame fitting tool estimates the prices I don’t know but for most of my fits they are just experiments. I usually go meta / t2 wherever I can.

Maybe this is more related to me but when I look on the values on the fitting screen, I can already tell which does what and if I like it or not. But then, I have most values in my head already, so I don’t really have to look very often.

Guys please, I didn’t mean this to become a discussion of appraisal of the fitting tool. I just think that to make it better, whatever you may think of it as a whole, an overwrite check could be of use. Let’s keep this on topic.

Alright, I actually just found out that there actually IS a way to rename your fittings. In the fittings explorer, if you right-click on one of your fittings and select “View Fitting”, you can rename it! It’s fine now I found it, but the prompt to overwrite the fitting name would still be useful IMO.

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