P.I. Omega turned Alpha question

If i started off as Omega, trained up all P.i. skills to max and had 6 planets running, and then i turned back into alpha. What does it do?

I think i read that i wouldn’t be able to export until im omega again, but i can at least keep resetting extractions and filling up the launch pad right? So I could train up, and then only need to go omega every other month to be able to export the goods?

any information on how that would work for me would be appreciated. thx!

I bounce from Omega to Alpha and back again as my budget allows. When you go Alpha, your colony stays where it is and continues to run on it’s own. When extractors stop you can start them up again and even move them around however you can’t see where the resources are anymore to know where you should put the extractors. You also can not export anything at all by any method so eventually the resources will just fill up until you switch back to Omega at which point you can export them and sell the goods.

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You will have none of the PI skills as an Alpha and you will be unable to export from the 1 planet you can setup with no skill.

Since Command Center Upgrades is an Omega skill most of the CPU & Power Grid for your command centers will disappear when you revert to Alpha. To the best of my knowledge (I haven’t actually reverted a character to test) you will be able to look at your colonies but you won’t be able to install programs if your installation requires the command center to be upgraded beyond level 1.

When you upgrade to Omega, your colonies should function normally.

Interesting. With a decent quality planet making P2, you can alternate between alpha and omega and probably harvest half as much during your alpha month as you do during the Omega month - or simply resub when the launchpad fills up. Hard to believe this is intended behaviour.

I don’t know if it’s intended but it does work and I have not heard of it being called an exploit anywhere so it is what I do. Personally I think that when you go Alpha your colony should continue running automatically as you left it but be prohibited from any further changes (so when your extractors stop things just start winding down) on top of prohibiting exports but that’s CCP’s decision not mine of course.

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