PI and Omega expiration?

Sorry if asked already, wasnt able to find info:
So what happens? Someone told me the extraction and factories keep on going, is this true?

I know you can’t inport/export products in or out as alpha.

What i’m going for is that with the nowdays very common 2 days Omega, 4 days Omega ect. deals and codes one could set up 3 toons and use the couple days Omega to set up planets → Export when the next free code ect comes.

Someone claimed to do this with the old weekend pack from NES store but i didn’t believe him.

The material(s) will fill-up silos then the remainer will be wasted.

So, as your Omega time nears end, you convert structures into silos and then set up the routing to insure no overflows. Or do it manually.

I don’t understand.

With silo you mean extractor, storage facility or factory? And what do you mean by structure?

Does the material keep on going from material storage to factory that produces product X and does the product X keep on moving from the factory to a storage facility?

The silo is the storage facility in Planetary industry. It should be placed between the other facilities.
The Command Center and Launch Pads have smaller storage than a silo.

For example,
extractor → silo → processor → silo → processor → Launch Pad.

When you set up the routing, the processors will ‘pull’ what they need from the silos.
Any overflow of material, the excess is lost.

I’ve received confirmation from Eve-Online Discord that this is viable.
Here is a small guide and some tips i’ve received while asking.
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