P0>P2 and P2>P3 vs P0>P1 and P1>P3

I need robotics for T2 production and have 5 planets in nullsec. I can build 4 P0>P2 planets and move P2 commodities to P2>P3 factory planet to make robotics. Another option is build 4 P0>P1 planets and move P1 commodities to P1>P3 factory planet. Which option do you recommend? (Or another suggestion?)

It may be more complicated than you think…

Look at the base inputd on each planet for the needed materials. If I recall you need base, heavy, and noble metals and the darn crystals.

My guess… You may find that one plsnet can produce enough base and heavy metals for your factory planet. You may have a good noble too but need to double up on the crystals.

I could be wrong and your planets could be great for all. I just recall I need extra of one and had surplus of others. Also you can adjust. Say you get so much base metal output in one week that you have enough reactive material for a month. Without moving the colony, you could switch it to say heavy metal for the toxic p1 stuff.

So in other words there is no simple answer but it will really depend more on what p1 you can pull out of each planet.

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So if I export P1, can easily switch commodities depends on my needs but P2 option is not flexible. I will think about that, thank you.

What about import/export tax and hauling effort cost?

Tax should be dependant on the entities owning the Customs Office. That said, unless you are a renter and your overlords are evil, it should be low.

And yes if you are exporting P1, it can be flexible. For example, a barren planet can make the toxic or reactive metals depending on which P0 you pull. However, it would be difficult to switch from Mechanical Parts to Consumer Electronics. In fact, I think only Plasma planets could cover all 4 raw materials need to let you switch P2s easily.

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I suggest training your 6th planet. I do robotics in Null. Plasma, Ice, Lava and barren planets giving me the P1. I ship them to a 5th planet which makes the mechanical parts and consumer electronics, I them ship those to my 6th planet to make robotics.

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