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Sure, there was a player driven initiative that organized a group response to certain concentrations of courier bots located in HS. Just as momentum got going, one of the idea’s leadership posted that further plans were to be put on hold due to a “request” by what all assumed was CCP. It appears that one or more of the botters had lodged a complaint against the anti-boting campaign and the issue had to be investigated. The same anti-botting poster later posted that the complaint was dismissed and actions were being resumed. This last part happened after my initial post started this thread.


Ah got it, thanks.

That’s pretty ballsy for a botter to petition that he’s being harassed. If those accounts aren’t banned with in a few weeks, I think a mass sub cancellation campaign should be in order…

I have learned in Eve that you solve issues with diplomacy or destruction.

I will not let botters destroy my game. I vow to make them content and destroy theirs.


CCP could solve a ton of these issues by doing something radical. They can limit how much ISK an account can mine in a day, or kill NPC’s for bounties, or how many courier missions an account can run.

Not sure what the caps should be, but I would say if an account is active in missions/mining/NPC based stuff (and by that I don’t mean just online, but demonstrably doing something that creates ISK) for more that 12 hours a day, CCP should step in.

In 2018 the WHO is going to recognize excessive online gaming as a mental disorder. CCP could set the tone by saying, if you are active behind the keyboard for 12 hours a day, you have a real problem, and we are not going to enable you any more.

In 2018 the WHO will be classifying Gaming Addiction the same as they’re currently classifying every other recognised form of Addiction.
An important distinction to make, it isn’t its own specific thing rather being recognised as part of the broad spectrum of addictions.

We’re talking Dependency (emphasis the capital D) level stuff and not the average lad (or Lassie) that plays a lot.

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We can debate the nuance of the wording.
Bottom line, if someone plays a video game, or even a number of video games, for anything close to 60 or 70 hours a week, or maybe even 40 or 50 hours a week, week after week, that person has a serious problem and is addicted to video games. I am not talking about someone that has a vacation and goes nuts for a week. I am talking about the ones that forgo everything else in life, week after week, after month, after year.

And CCP could stop enabling that bunch and hard cap daily activity/rewards in-game. Now, that will never happen, because CCP needs those people to make the financial numbers.

And when you dont enjoy it, thats called a job and thats perfectly alright and healthy.

What a world.


The only way to stop RMT is to have nonreciprocal transfer of all items in the game.

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