Palatine Vault

It’s spam. And spam isn’t necessary.


can you link me forum rules where i can read about tag ccp are spam. thank you.

Me, right now, saying it’s spamming. Refrain from it in the future please.


as you say, rules generator.

its common courtesy on any forum. Unless there is an emergency one should avoid multitag devs/mods. You doing so without justified reason just makes you “attention seeker”.

discussion of moderation is prohibited by forum rules.

You will follow the instructions of authorized personnel while in the EVE Online game world or using the EVE Online web site.


Ok. i will not doing it again. happy now? or few more persons come here for explain me this.

So…you want a special wallet that:

  1. Is one-way.
  2. Can be filled with physical inventory items with actual material/ISK cost.
  3. (Lots of other stuff about structures and ownership and voting and intrigue.)

Regardless of your mission or the context of your post, this idea is horrible based purely on the first two items. #1 would likely get abused for scams, but more importantly is #2 because it would effectively allow you to transport a large amount of valuable material across any distance (including through wormholes) absolutely risk-free.

Hard no on those to points alone.

And an even harder no on the idea of CCP adding functionality specifically to help in one player’s Quixotic quest.

And finally…the cynic in me has to point out that even if CCP somehow did implement this, chances are that one of the existing nullsec blocs would just use it to built a Palatine Keepstar before you anyways, so all of this would have been largely for nothing.

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when i ask people to tell me their opinions about changing something in palatine, they was silent, now they denied mostly important changing, without create their own version. excellent.

ok lets ban wormhole manufacturing for this and choose only jita for example.

who talk about me? i dont care who will be owner, couse if this not happen, i will build it very long time. you dont get it, couse you just posting your opinion on forum, you not involved in this adventure. there is no way you will closer to all this, except this changing, which ofc you or ccp can modify.

if null block own it, then why not and who cares, if all eve come to kill it.

Yes because…

…that’s how public discussion forums work. :wink:


From your first post:

You mentioned yourself in your post. I’m not trying to make this personal, and I apologize if it came across that way. I was just trying to point out that if your goal is to be the first person to build a Palatine Keepstar, this change would almost certainly not help you achieve that goal. And even if your goal is only to build it, you certainly wouldn’t be able to keep it for long since anyone who donated would know where it is being built and it would be a massive target for everyone wanting to get on the first killmail of a Palatine Keepstar.

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well actualy if opinions are good, then throught idea people join to adventure.

feel the difference between iam owner or those, who people elect.

try read my project archive, i never say that i want build it first, i want it exist.

Hard no. There should never be any way to teleport goods like this. Not only does it magically remove hauling risk for you, but it craps on an entire eve career path. There should never be a risk free way to move valuable items.

Use delivery contracts like everyone else and contribute to the game.

Again hard no. A keepstar is not a community project for everyone to just freely contribute to. Building it is a challenge that requires significant organisation, logistics and effort.

Just wanting one to exist is no reason to make it easy to achieve. If it was worth it to an alliance there are several that could have achieved this by now. I’m sure someone will do it eventually.

Because this isn’t crazy abusable. Let’s just call this “Keepstar Citizen” :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

Also the problem of transportation should never be removed as per my above comment.

I don’t think you know what an ISK sink is. You have not described one in your post.

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well maybe you right, its just iam wormholer with 100+ freighters and not feel big deal about this. so how about palatine vault in jita only?

i think you dont understand what you talking about, couse none of any coalitions cant build it, they cant freeze more than 50+ trillion stuff and continue normaly exist.
btw, russian speaking ccp alpha say, so palatine its a reson to unite almost all eve, but he still doubt abiut manufacturing possibilities when say it.
and ofc its funny, hear about challenge and achievment from player who not even try this.

yeah, say it to asset safety.

players remove 50+trillions from the game by building and fill components to palatine hangar. then palatine is die. easy isk sink.

  1. Create character
  2. name it Palatine Vault
  3. Park in Jita
  4. Let everyone know they can trade items to it for your Palatine project.




iam sry and its not my fault, that you live in world of scammers and victims.

Sadly it is your fault that you cannot form a reply that makes any sense.



How about no player structures in Jita. Thanks.

You can have a million freighters your idea is still stupid.

There are individual players with more wealth than that.

Also your attempt to refute me on achievements because I haven’t built a keepstar is facile. Grow up.

Asset safety was always a stupid idea but you should also look at how that works and what it costs before making a lazy and incorrect comparison.

No they don’t. Think about it a little.

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collecting in jita, not anchoring. you to hurry.

ofc your opinion is not stupid, you may continue believe in that.

cool story. now clean your ears from spaghetti.

its a fact which you cant deny. its like pizzaboy will teach boeing to fly.

you offer add tax for fill palatine vault if you far from jita? thats good idea, thank you.

ofc you can know that.

biggest scam, supported by ccp it self?

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at least, not by xXLEGIONofDICHIXx