Server Achievement System

Can we potentially look into adding more things like palatine, that can only be done by 1 person.

Then add something like a server-wide achievement notification to all online players that palatine, or similar limit 1 build structures, or achievements have been made

think “server first” like in wow.

Just going to throw this out here, WoW is EVEs running joke.

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Or not. If you want EVE glory then do something amazing, don’t expect CCP to hand you a set of objectives to accomplish. There’s a reason EVE lore is full of compelling player-driven stories and nobody gives a **** about who was the first to farm whatever PvE thing in WoW.


Bad idea #54326254365473465786543865479865486235465438734658735647843


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*grabs microphone*

*drops microphone*

CCP recently erected a statue of a player (Katia Sae) who visited all systems in EvE without dying. The journey took about 9 years.

There is also a persistent Titan-class ships’ graveyard in B-R5RB to immortalize huge supercapital battle that took place in that system…

So, do something remarkable in-game instead of suggesting self-centered crap on forums.

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Technically, Palatine can be built by 1 person. The price tag is only about 100 trillion ISK or ~$910 000 if converted to PLEX@2.2bil ISK for 500 ($20). Even less if you contact CCP and ask for an extra discount for this bulk order…

I can not let this stand as is, sorry.

It is technically not possible.

If I would drop a million bucks into PLEX, I’d sit on a huge bunch of PLEX I can not do anything with. It would be impossible to sell them within any reasonable timeframe without completely tanking the market. Selling them via contracts would take even longer.

Assuming a concentrated effort with heavy promotion, even if someone manages to sell plex worth a million for isk on the market, then he’d have all that ISK and not enough building blocks. The whole market supply would have to be bought up several times over to satisfy the needs of the blueprint, which means it would take many, many years until all necessary items would be aquired and the market would be in a horrible state because of it.

Just imagine someone deciding to buy. up. everything. I write everything, because there’s certainly useful parts and minerals coming from reprocessed modules, ships and whatnot.

The above is written under the assumption that it’s not borderline impossible to sell a million bucks worth of plex. The assumptions that EVE would last long enough, or that whoever started the process would not actually just die of old age first, aren’t actually unreasonable.

So I’ll try differently now, but It’s not really changing much.

One person can not possibly gather, buy, transport and protect all the resources all by himself. He has to rely on others to work with him, because the resources required aren’t gatherable within any reasonable timeframe, even as a multiboxer … and one can’t even reasonably multibox PI.

Moving all the required parts to where it is supposed to be built also is not an effort a single person can pull off within any stretch of what we can call a reasonable timeframe. Additionally, the person could get ganked while tranporting, prolonging the efforts even further.

It’s actually impossible for one person to build the palatine keepstar, even technically, assuming that efforts taking longer than your lifetime are outside of what could be called “reasonable”.

Thats only enough for 1 month of Omega for about 45-50k accounts. I’m pretty sure if a bulk seller approaches large alliances with some lucrative offers - then it’ll be much easier to accomplish plex selling part. Same applies to procuring minerals/parts… and then it gets built and blown up within a month.

Of course.
You’re right.

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