Pandemic Losers 'kick' pilot for losing carrier in memorial roam for dead friend

I’m saddened,

Once again the most socially awkward and unpleasant ‘alliance’ in this beautiful space universe kick a member for losing a carrier in a memorial roam to a recently dead comrade.

This ‘game’ never ceases to shock us.

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This is old news.

Go read the reddit threads. Nothing really to see here at this point.

Reddit posts are not forum awareness, posting it here is important.

Plenty of us have had enough of Reddit, it’s full of unpleasants.



So we can all spurg at PL. What fun. Real important.

If only any of us cared :stuck_out_tongue:

I am quite sure this topic should be in Corporation & Alliance Discussion: “The place to discuss Corporations, Alliances & Recruitment.” As PL are an alliance, SnigWaffe is a corp and kicking someone over losing ships is part of recruitment politics.

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