Pandora Singularity - CSM 15 - More Than Just A Pretty Face

Your EVE Online story

Greetings Capsuleers! My name is Pandora Singularity, more commonly known as Ivy. My eve story is not one of Blood, Tears and Pew, but something a little different; I started out my eve career as a spy. My ex-husband was an avid eve player and I enjoyed getting on team speak to harass his corp members. One day, his CEO pulled me aside and asked if I wanted to go harass other eve players while gaining valuable information for his corp. I was intrigued and agreed to it; however I quickly discovered that I am a HORRIBLE spy! I make friends everywhere I go in eve, and just couldn’t continue to get my new space friends shot, so I biomassed that toon and made a fresh start in scary wormhole space.

After two years of exile, the remainder of my corp returned to settle in Null looking for purpose and new life in the game. At the time I was newly divorced, raising 2 young children and trying to be a nurse – a heavy load to bear, and was seriously taken advantage of in game by another player, to the point I wanted to quit. But space friends came to the rescue and pulled me into Darkness and convinced me to go to my first fanfest in 2017 to Iceland.

I said YOLO! went to Iceland and fell in absolute love with the eve community. I met some amazing people and forged relationships with people that last to this day. While at Fanfest, I met Max Singularity and the roleplay community. I fell in love with the idea of roleplaying a character and I also admired what the Space Pope’s alliance and corp stood for; The Coast Guard of New Eden – helping players in good times and bad times. I joined Sixth Empire soon after and quickly became a diplomat in game for them.

I was given the honor of becoming Pandora Singularity – Niece to his Holiness (role play wise) and I continue to work within the game in multiple areas; working with people, doing the diplo and just being me!

Your areas of expertise

As I said in my introduction my area of expertise is diplomatic relations. I feel my cheery personality and no nonsense attitude helps players quickly know where they stand with me. I also am heavily into building the things we love to blow up! I am in love with industry, and I build all the things. I have experiences in multiple aspects throughout the game but I feel these are my strongest with this and that to throw into the ring :blush:

Why are you applying for the CSM?

I am applying to CSM because I feel I can bring a lot to the community. I am a very community focused player, I helped found and run EVE NORTH and for the last three years, have worked closely with CCP on the Toronto stop of the Eve Invasion World Tour. I continue to be there for the community through any means I can. The players who know me, know that I am readily available and willing to help.
As a CSM Member, I would take pride in listening to the community and giving feedback to CCP. I know I cannot change the world in one go, but I am willing to take the time and effort into doing my BEST for the EVE community.

What can players expect from you?

Players can expect a CSM member who is easily approachable, who will WORK hard for you, the players. One who has given her all to the EVE community and one with a good track record of past events.
As a main organiser of the EVE NORTH meet in 2019, I have learned a lot about CCP’s internal working, and have built many bridges in highsec, lowsec and nullsec. As a diplomat within Sixth Empire I have brokered relations with a majority of the player groups in New Eden, and I would love to implement the things I learned about EVE and CCP to improve the gameplay experience of all capsuleers from every point in the cluster.

*I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read my campaign thread - if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be here, cheers to you all!



I endorse Pandora for CSM

We worked together on the Eve North stop of the Invasion World Tour, and she’s the reason it was so successful.
She has a big heart and really cares about the community. I’m proud to call her my friend both in-game and IRL.

She will be an excellent addition to the CSM team.


+1 and a few MOARR


Will you fix the sun glare for us?


You dont like the new updates to the suns?


Ivy is one of my personal heroes. I’m proud to give her my unqualified endorsement and I’m looking forward to voting for her.


Some of us think the suns are WAY too bright - and we don’t like the space fog/dust or whatever it is. Our issues seem to not be taken seriously. Our last thread got locked, for trolling, I guess.


Thank you Brisc <3 - I fully appreciate your kind words


I wont promise to fix the world, but I do feel you have a valuable stance point and I’m more then willing to bring concerns to CCP if elected.




I have had the pleasure of interacting with Ivy a number of times earlier in my EVE Career (we’re talking like 5 years ago) when I was a teacher and events staff member in EVE University. She is an A+ human being, and she genuinely cares about this community. She has my vote and my full support.



<3 got my votes!


A great story to read. I enjoyed it. I’m glad Mat Kramer introduced this game and community to me.



Being good at diplomacy and social nuance is very helpful on the CSM. Even more useful is being able to translate what one member says to another or to CCP in a way that everybody comprehends.

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I do agree - I feel this is extremely useful both in game and out of game when dealing with players and anything CCP :slight_smile:

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If you were given an opportunity to propose a replacement for FozzieSov, what would it look like?

Relatedly, what do you think about this abuse of capital systems and, if you feel it needs fixing, how could it be rectified?

Cheers. Good luck. Not totally convinced, but Industry needs a good representative and if you’re taking up that torch, maybe it’s worthwhile.

Pandora here has mine and [RTF.]s’ Vote

Sounds boring.