Paragon Mission Rollover after downtime rather than 24 hours?

It would be a lot easier to manage conducting the Paragon mission if it rolled over at downtime, allowing completion anytime the next day, rather than having to keep track of when I last managed to do the mission on a character.

Currently it can lock you into undesirable times, i.e. Forgetting to do a mission on a day when it rolls over and so you complete it as soon as you can and it is at 11PM that night, from that point forward, the earliest I can do that mission again will always be 11PM unless I skip a day.

But if you set the rollover to after the downtime reboot, it’ll always be available for that daily completion without locking people into specific times of the day. It’s basically a huge QoL type fix.


The reason why its not with downtime, imo, is because that will be one less thing to deal with when downtime is removed.

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Its pretty simple to just set it to rollover at that time though.

They are trying to remove it, why add something to DT when this could be one less headache to remove it. Asteroid is still the biggest hurdle to get over with removing downtime.

Timers dont need to be added to DT just to be removed later.

CCP is never going to remove downtime.

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