Paragon Mission Stations in FW Space

Currently there are a limited number of Paragon stations

Amamake (FW Low)
Rens (High)
Amarr (High)
Assah (Low - 15 jumps or through null)
Dodixie (High)
Hek (High)
Ourapheh (High)
Yehaba (26 jumps)

As an active player in Amarr FW, with the sec status that goes with living in lowsec, I am now unable to use the high sec systems without moving ships to the agents with an alt.

In addition, since the only low sec agent by me is in Amamake, which is currently and for the foreseeable future owned by the Minmatar militia, the same restrictions apply there, although I also cannot use the market to buy any ships to give to the agent, if they were on the market there, and I cannot use the Paragon LP store in that station either.

This seems unfair, and restrictive to Amarr corps in FW. Please could you grant a station / agent in a better lowsec location for those of us who want to earn emblems.

Hmm, that is an interesting point. Maybe they should have… hmm… Could they have just invented a new lowsec system adjacent to Amamake that wasn’t in FW and put it there?

Normally I’d say haha take it lol because you are Amarr and run very toxic ships, but I could see this happening on the other side too.

Maybe it’s “just extra motivation for your side to take or hold the system”?

I assume you are -10 standing?

Yeah, near enough -10, its difficult not to be.

The problem with taking Amamake right now, is that due to the changes, we’d have to take at least one of :


To bring it to a frontline, and then we’d still be fighting uphill against the Advantage system.

And there aren’t any nullsec stations either…

I can see that you may be in a pickle. The only solution I can think of is for you to park a hauling alt in the station with the needed ships, contract them to yourself (who is in a pod), and then get the reward. Once per day seems like a pretty steep price, though.

Tend to agree Loon. There should be one in each major hub and each of the 4 FW zones.
I can’t although agree with other’s comments on null getting any, that’s the choice of being in null.

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Too bad one can’t simply drop in ships more often than once a day, I’ve got a few extra I could deposit.

If the Minmatar militia loses Amamake, would they then be in the same predicament – only high sec (so same problems for -10s), no nearby low sec stations?

No, as Amamake has a Minmatar high sec next door in Osoggur, Amamake will at worst be a frontline, which would allow both factions to dock. Minmatar can never be locked out of Amamake.

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I didn’t trealize it worked that way!

I vote +1 paragon for Kamela.

Also, I never suggested there be one in null. I agree that that should not be a thing.


No additional stations in todays patch notes :frowning:

Might be a long shot but this topic definitely seems CSM worthy, if you wanted to reach out to some of them.

What?? Not letting Outlaws dock is causing more unintended consequences? Color me surprised…

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