The need for a way to bypass the Devoid Pipe

Since the Fall of Niarja the only highsec route out of the Amarr has been the Devoid Pipe mainly consting of the systems of the Kisara constellation. Now this is not exactly an unique situation, as traffic leaving Caldari space also has to go through a singular chokepoint (Uedama), and before the establishment of the Irgrus-Pakhshi link all HS traffic between Gallente and Minmatar space also had the Colelie-Bei connection as their only option.

However, what makes the Devoid Pipe unique is its extreme proximity to the FW warzone, whereas the other HS chokepoints are pretty well isolated from the warzone. This hasn’t been much of a problem for the last 15 years, however the introduction of Corruption changes things significantly, as the Devoid Pipe (as well as the Derelik-Heimatar border, another chokepoint) are in acute danger of being corrupted, effectively cutting off the bulk of Amarr space (excluding Genesis) from the rest of highsec.

Why is this a problem?

  1. While I’m generally a fan of unique geography, one of the four empires being arbitrarily at constant risk of being cut off from the rest of empire space.

  2. It’s a pretty well known fact that Amarr is in decline ever since Niarja was seized. Further disruptions to the trade flow will only further hurt the southern tradehub.

  3. The NPE still funnels new players towards the SoE Epic Arc, which starts in Essence. The current 40-ish jumps to get there are already bad enough for a new player who chose to start as Amarr, but there being no safe way is a whole different beast.

Now of course special-casing the Devoid Pipe as uncorruptible is not a very good idea since Pirate Insurgents and Peacekeepers should have their fun by having systems to fight over. And neither should Niarja be restored. It’s also not excactly likely that CCP would want to depreciate the SoE Epic Arc.

The most feasible option would be to establish a new gate-link enabling traffic to leave Amarr Space that is far enough from the warzones to not be corrupted.

If I had to suggest a connection that would achieve that, it would be an Ordion-Chiga link. This connection would establish a new 42j highsec route between Jita and Amarr, saving ~10j compared to the current route at the cost of going through a lot of 0.5 systems in which gankers could lurk.


then try youe best that its not getting corruptet so you can safley travel to amarr !

no they are not ! Low sec is Empire too. so nobody cuts off any faction from another. maybe only the HS route will disruptet but if you dont want this then organize a group of player to defend this route !

you can easy move stuff between jita and amarr with JF´s. if you want to travel via autopilot… maybe you have no chance !

good ! then they will lern the best way how eve works ! its an improvement !

yeah … and if you start to craeting new gates then why we didnt add direct stargate conections between jita and amarr ? or jita and hek, or amarr and hek ?

i have another suggestion → fight for your safe HS route to and from amarr ! its the better way then come to forum and demand a new starget conection because it could be possible that you cant travel in your freighter to amarr, or from amarr …

about niarja → it was a player decision to cut this conection ! and most ppl i spoke with said, it could enliven the amarr region to a second jita ! we all see, it is not !

eve is all about decisions and their consequenzes ! i can only repeat, if you want your safe travel route then maybe you need to fight for it !

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You can’t fight for something for wich the developer has set a different predefined outcome.


what ? its all about currupion … and corruption is spread out if player fly for the pirate fraction so … you only has to defend it that the corruption level dont rise that high oO

CCP has nothing to do with this ! its all player based …

None of the 3 things you listed are actual problems.

The odds are rare that it will be cut off. When it rarely gets cut off, it will only be for a short time. The short time of the regional impact means many people can benefit from the short lived disruption:

  • hauling disruption means people are less inclined to supply Amarr at cheap Jita prices and skillfull haulers will be rewarded,
  • local miners in the high/low/null sec south can benefit from any higher prices which would push prices down due to supply increases
  • Indy guys in the high/low/null sec south can also benefit from any higher prices which would push prices down due to supply increases
  • arbitragers and stockpilers from southern nullsec can dump their stockpiles on Amarr market, increasing supply and putting price pressure downwards
  • speculating day traders can help provide liquidity injection into Amarr market which helps stabilize prices while enriching themselves and the southern-local miners/Indy guys/stockpiles

So the people more engaged with the games dynamic nature get rewarded, rather than the people that have rote routine with todays boring war-less nullsec status quo.

Hauling disruption means that production prices will rise, which will mean that industrialists will simply pack up and set up close to Jita. Chars and blueprints are easy to move, after all. This will significantly reduce demand for raw materials and thus make it unattractive to haul stuff towards Jita.

Amarr highsec has objectively the worst asteroid belts, while lowsec and nullsec miners have a) their own industrial operations to feed, and b) access to jump freighters, which means they’ll send their materials to where they will actually sell, which is Jita.

Again, jump freighters exist and all the market velocity is in Jita.

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Um…why would industrialist move? They will make more profit if there is no HS route to Jita. Mats can be gotten anywhere, Jita is not the only place to get them. Plenty of Low sec and Null that use Amarr for those ores.

They have the same belts as everywhere else. Amarr is closer than Jita for a large portion of space. A JF skipping Amarr would be adding at least 2 jumps, costing more to sell in Jita rather than Amarr.


Amarr belts: Veldspar, Scordite, Pyroxeres
Caldari belts: Veldspar, Scordite, Plagioclase, Pyroxeres
Gallente belts: Veldspar, Scordite, Plagioclase
Minmatar belts: Veldspar, Scordite, Plagioclase

Amarr had Kernite in the pre-Scarcity days, but this was removed due to the Mineral Redistribution without anything given in return.

The value of ores goes Veldspar > Plagioclase > Scordite > Pyroxeres, with Pyroxeres being just a little over half the value/m³ of Veldspar. And with the way the mineral contents of HS ores are set up, Pyroxeres has basically no chance of ever improving. In fact, the only ore worse is Mordunium.

Still drops Mex and Pyerite, which you also get from R4 moons. Trit is what you are belt mining for in either case.

You know there are temporary connections that can get you from Jita to Amarr in a couple of jumps? These temporary connections aren’t exactly reliable and they may not be available when it’s convenient for you, but with a bit of patience, you’ll find one. You can even take a freighter through them.

Wormholes. Cutting travel times since 2009.

An A641 wormhole can fit either 2 or 3 freighters before it collapses. That’s absolutely nothing. There’s also no guarantee that there will be a proper A621 connection at any given time, since you need specifically a HS connection from Amarr space to not-Amarr space. Any connection between two Amarr systems and two non-Amarr systems are useless to you.

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