Prosperity should include a new Niarja

It was pretty obvious to those of us in the ground at time that CCP rail roaded the loss of Niarja as part of Scarcity. We had no chance to save it.

I think Prosperity should have a replacement. Raising Ahbazon from a 0.4 to 0.5 would probably work.

From a lore pov, after investing so much in the new 4-4 the caldari would have made re-establishing a route to Amarr a top priority. The investment the Caldari and Amarr put into the Hyykota-Ahbazon gate to makes little sense if they don’t then make an effort to raise the security level of Ahbazon.


This is a great post. I quit for a year over the Trig system theft, most notably Niarja.

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And considering how much effort Edencom and Trigs put into the struggle, raising the sec level of one system should not be that hard. They could even make it a four race Kumbayah several months event.

So, are accusing CCP of paying off or coercing the goons into fighting for the trigs, or are you just unaware of what actually happened?

Regardless, the fall of niarja is not a clear cut case of thing bad. It increased traffic for many hunters (depending on where they hunt), and provided a lot of opportunities for a lot of traders. In fact, TiS had a guy on a while back that showed with hard data that there was a notable increase in trade in other regions after the event. You can also look at me for an example of what I mean. As a nomadic PvE’er, I’m not exactly thrilled about how it has impacted my travel times. As a PvP’er, however, I have definitely noticed increased traffic through systems that I hunt in.


It provided me the opportunity of totally perfecting my cloak/mwd trick and never flying a Bowhead or Fenrir again.

The loss of Niarja and the resulting increase in volatility in the Amarr market has been a profitable thing from my perspective as an advanced manufacturer. Indeed, scarcity as a whole was an opportunity. And I’ve profited from it.
Everyone that complains “I can’t get X” or “Y is expensive now” at Amarr is joy to my ears - that’s something else I can make and sell at a profit. I’ve had to diversify and diversification is good.

Now materials supply is increasing again I’m having to adapt again - but that’s a good thing: I understand my business and costs, I understand the market and economic environment - working within that gives me a profit. I’m in a stronger position than I was before scarcity.

I’d be sorry to see a “Niarja alternative” - yes, I’ll adapt if it happens; easier access to Jita and the materials market there may be an opportunity, but I suspect profits will be harder in a more homogeneous market.

Remembering and how things were and wishing change hadn’t happened is just a way of becoming history.

As an analogy:
Others can complain that “Everyone uses cheap biros since they were invented. No one buys my cheap fountain pen nibs - therefore biro must be uninvented so I can carry on with my Victorian business.”
I’ll happily make both biros and profit.


I think we should be able to invade Pochenhell and get the systems back. When you look at the disrupted gates they just look crusted up with something crystalline looking. And it looks like there are power surges. When I see crystals I think “resonant frequency.” CMon fake lore Eve scientists! Got on this.

There’s some content.

CCP didn’t rail road the loss of Niarja… the Beetinum War did. When Niarja fell under attack by the Trigs, Brave Newbies needed it for logistics to move stuff from Jita to their space. One of PAPI’s leaders (I won’t name who) pinged out that their coalition needed to help secure the system for EDENCOM. They didn’t get a lot of response to this ping.

Goons, on the other hand, saw an opportunity to hurt their invaders… and sent out people to basically go and headshot the PvE fleets trying to keep the Trigs from taking over the system. Those fleets broke under the ganking… and Niarja fell to the Trigs.

CCP really had nothing to do with it.

Nerf Jita!

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Uh…somebody thought ruining the old AEON Eve maps was an improvement.

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