Parliament of New Eden

Greetings Pilots o7,

I am looking for members to join a corp, Parliament of New Eden. However, this will not be your run of the mill corp.

Members, or ‘Citizens’ are welcome to do what it is they want in the corp; mine, Indy etc but what makes the corp different is that once we have enough members a Parliament will be formed which will consist of different factions/parties. These groups will be elected based on their manifesto on what they want the corp to achieve. This gives us an opportunity to make the corp part of the whole gaming exprrience. Players can even go full RP with their character if they wish! Those in power will need to ensure the corp has the funds to do what it is they purposed along with the staff to help make the changes, meaning all options put to the citizens are pheasable options and that the corp can afford to implement the changes, i.e if a winning party wants to change the main focus of corp from mining to WH exploration then they will need to be able to afford to help citizens with the changes also, they will also need to think about player roles as those in the current role may step down if they do not agree.

Citizens are not obliged to be involed in the parliament itself, but will still have a vote in elections and will have the opportunity to earn rewards for taking jobs assigned by the corp.

As you can imagine, this concept can lead to a lot of in game drama and give players to be part of it casually or full on Role Play. Players can even join just to watch it all unfold while they mine away on their own! The aim is to make being in a corp part of the lore and experience of New Eden!

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