:parrotdad: WTS Officer Mods + T2 Trimark rigged Aeon in 68FT-6 (15.4b) :parrotdad:

:parrotdad: WTS Officer mods, all located in Jita 4-4. :parrotdad:

Draclira’s Modified Heavy Capacitor Booster 1.8b
Gotan’s Modified Tracking Enhancer 4.5b
Selynne’s Modified Cap Recharger 3.1b
Thon’s Modified Cloaking Device 2.8b
Tuvan’s Modified Tracking Computer 4.8b
Unit W-634’s Modified Sensor Booster 13b SOLD

All prices are below Jita as of posting, will try to keep up to date.

Also selling an Aeon hull in “Basgerin - Vatican Freeport Poptar” for 17b SOLD:dealwithitparrot:
Also selling a Rigged Hel in Aunenen http://evepraisal.com/a/f0wy0 for 19.4b SOLD
Also selling a Rigged Aeon in 68FT-6 http://evepraisal.com/a/fm1au for 15.4b (ON PUBLIC CONTRACTS)
Send me a mail if you want to buy any of them.

Thanks :parrotdad::parrotdad::parrotdad:

Bought a thons modified cloak off the market for 2.5 like 10 or so days ago, so I wouldn’t trust that this is “below jita” at all and lol at the price on the aeon hull, hopefully everyone is wise and doesn’t buy any of these overpriced items from you

Please show me a listing currently on jita for the thons cloak and i’ll be happy to sell below that price, oh wait… there isn’t any available.
Furthermore, can you please show me a single aeon available in Basgerin below the price i’m listing currently? oh wait, there isnt any…

Are you one of those people who believe prices must be uniform across the game from them to be considered fair? You do know that location of an item can makes a huge difference on the price? the price of a super in delve for example is obviously going to be cheaper than other locations.

If an aeon pops up in basgerin for a cheaper price, i’d be happy to beat it. Not to mention i’d probably be happy to negotiate of price anyway, So yeah… dont exactly why you’d be suggesting people not trust me.

Thanks for the bump :slight_smile:

I’ll buy the aeon for 16

you havent seen the tab showing price history clearly… nice work buddy, all of thons is sitting at about 2.5 but ok nice work :). You are clearly not wanting to put ur prices below jita, but thats fine, just dont false advertise :slight_smile:

and I dont really care about the aeon, its a ■■■■ super anyway, but u can get them made for a much lower price from alot of people :P. but you are right the location does play a role in pricing. but these days there is a measure of uniformity with public keepstars being a thing.

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: so uhh, you’re making a point about how i’m not selling below jita on a single module that doesnt currently have a price in jita, since none are available… you do realize how supply and demand works right? If you take a look at the market for officer cloaks you will notice something… that being their relative unavailability at the moment… I hope you understand that by there being none available on jita, it by default means i’m beating the current price, regardless of what some have previously sold for. If there isnt any avaliable then there is nothing for me to beat, therefore my original claim is perfectly valid.
Furthermore, if you read my original post “All prices are below Jita as of posting, will try to keep up to date”, so if one does become available i’ll be sure to adjust my price… so uhh yeah… everything you’ve said has kinda been a bit dumb, hopefully my reply helps you understand :slight_smile:

As for you not caring about the aeon because YOU believe it isn’t the best super doesnt mean anything… it has no baring on its associated value, since obviously you’re not the kind of person who’d be interested in buying it anyway…

I’m glad you can somewhat understand that location matters, which hopefully means the fact you can also understand that getting one built cheaper elsewhere has very little relevance, since the time and associated cost of moving it to the location often removes the benefit of the ‘lower cost’. As for “these days there is a measure of uniformity with public keepstars being a thing” my price is hardly different from any other listings on public keepstars, which are 4-5 mids away from this one… soo yeahhhh not really getting any of the points you were trying to make :parrotdad::parrotdad::parrotdad::parrotdad::parrotdad::parrotdad::parrotdad::parrotdad::parrotdad:

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I guess that’s a no? Haha

hahah, i sent you an evemail mate :slight_smile:

Sent a mail about the sensor booster

Thanks for the buys, i might be back for more. Good prices

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