Partially overlapping windows visually blend making them hard to distinguish from each other

Here is an example situation.
Multiple market related windows open with partial overlap.
The red circled area is especially bad case of gray on gray on gray. It is unnecessarily difficult to see where each window is.

  • The window borders are barely different color from window backgrounds. The borders blend in.
  • Window titlebars are exact same color as window bacgrounds.
  • Some windows do not have any separation between window titlebar and contents. It is just signle continuous block of same color. In this screenshot only the market orders window has border on the title bar while the other windows are continuously colored.

20 seconds on Gimp to improve it.

  • Window borders are now brighter.
  • Window titlebars are now different color than the window background.

Together these two changes make it much easier to see where each window ends and another window begins.

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