Party In Stations

some kind of new crate, you load the crate with alcohol and exotic dancers, you transport to any station, you open it and start the damn party, each party lasts 24 hours, anyone who docks gains some kind of bonus, the longer you’re docked and partying the bigger the bonus.
if other people attending the party open a crate, the new timer is added to the old one.

keep the party going.

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This seems like a mild endorsement of slavery

Banus: -1% to tracking speed per 20 minutes in station, up to a maxmum of 6 hours when it goes to 0%.

exotic dancers are professionals the Amarr know all about slavery

the concept of having huge parties in stations is probably not the best way to go about things, however the point of taking excess or basically unusable items in the game and burning them out of circulation possible for a temporary bonus of some kind i think would be cool.

I know people hate the idea of cryto and video games but we can draw from these things in real life, when something is over saturated even by design the necessity to burn or remove things from the pools to keep economic balance is something which is done.

Shiba coin for example was massively over saturated and that community burns coins.

MAYBE there might be something akin to that within EVE and excess goods people don’t want. or perhaps are useless and slow moving on the markets? theres many markets which move painfully slow and with little profit, maybe theres an alternative which can be done.

I think of the Grinder from Command and Conquer Yuri’s Revenge, you’d scrap raw materials for ISK.
maybe a module which will reprocess over time (a suggestion I made before) and stores the generated ISK in a form of ESS inside the station or perhaps the system ESS itself, furthering the idea of ESS raids or at the very least expanding on existing mechanics.

don’t waste in space!

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