Passing the Isk - lost some ore

Mission “Passing the Isk”.

On this mission at 4C-B7X (Mining) the Venture with some Augumene in the hold was blown up by Serpentis. The ore didn’t drop in the wreck. The rest of the ore in the roid was mined with the Velator “Unsinkable II” in several loads, All 3600 units from the asteroid are needed to complete the mission.

Someone in the Help channel said the Augumene asteroid would respawn after downtime, but it didn’t.

Does one need to fail the mission, or is there some trick?

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I think for the augumene to have respawned you should have left the asteroid alone (i.e. not getting the ‘mission completed’ mark in the main screen), and try again next ‘after-DT’.
Try find another augumene mission (there are plenty), do not mine not all. Wait till after DT for the respawn.
The augumene mined there you can use for this mission.

Or file a petition via F12.

If all else fails, I think I have some lying around.

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Ah. Thanks. I’ll look for other mining missions out here in ORE territory… or fly back to civilization and try there.

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While you’re at it, make a small stash in case it happens again. That’s how/why I got mine. :wink:

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If you submit a ticket to CCP, “mission stuck” or something similar is the subject iirc, a GM can reset the mission for you, so you do not have to fail it… you will need to mine all the ore again, but will be able to complete the mission successfully.


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I’ve taken @Doorn_en_Distel 's advice and have several high-sec mining missions queued up to run again after downtime. That’ll give me potentially a couple of tries to get a big-enough load back out to ORE.


Contact me later today if I have enough I will contract it to you.

Can also check Public Contracts and see if anybody has Mission Ores for sale.

Like others have said, best thing to do is submit a Support Ticket when in a position of not being able to complete a mission. CCP is usually very quick to reset missions.

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