Password protection for abandoned ships

I think it’s pretty silly that ships you eject from in Eve always have the key left in the ignition, no lock on the door or password protection going on at all.

From a gameplay perspective, I think lots of interesting things could be done if it were possible to leave a password on an abandoned ship. Aside from being able to switch to different ships yourself in space (assuming that no one has found and blown up your ship, or maybe hacked into it in some way) you could also drop ships off in locations for corporation members etc.

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If this is implemented, people would have to manually set the password before leaving the ship (leave the option to “leave ship” on the menu, but have a dropdown to the side that lets you “lock ship”). Otherwise, people could eject with no possibility of an attacker stopping firing, ejecting, and then boarding the more valuable ship they were just shooting. Also, this seems pointless the more I think about it. In low/nullsec people would just blow up abandoned ships just the same. In highsec, you could use safe spots or the contract system.

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hmmmm a lot of eve players have talked about traps before, perhaps with a certain kind of rig, if you abandon a ship should someone come and board the ship to pilot it, it explodes as if it had self destructed.

could be something to it, like it locks you in and gives you 30 seconds to enter the password.

personally i think there should be more “direct capsule requirement” aspects of the game, where you have to leave your ship and interact only with your capsule on a certain structure or structures.

Pilots are connected to the POD and PODs connect to the ship via some kind of neural interface technology meaning the capsuleer is the whole ship (if i recall the lore correctly) so wouldn’t it make sense to encounter structures or other such things in space which require a “direct capsule intreraction” it would be nice to have some kind of security system on board to prevent people from stealing your ride or to rig ships to blow.

cool idea, needs a bit of work.

hahahahahahahhahaha that’s amazing

Yeah just think of the potential this adds, as there’s no reason we couldn’t have both.

Or just require someone to use a hacking module on it in order to gain access. Seems silly to require a password, though perhaps the password would allow people to access it without the hacking attempt.


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