CCP - Create a system where we can go to and no one else! *hideout

Where we can go to and chill alone or with friends or whoever we choose to be able to jump to.
Like a personal hideout.

We would have a station and could personalise the system in some aspects, like our own home.
Each person has one.

We choose who can jump to our system, fleet, corp, alliance, blues, etc… or not.

We choose the security of this system and can change it.
There would be a station with all the items in there for 1 isk each.
It would be like on SISI serversm but directly connected to our tranquillity character, at 1 jump distance, like a personal hideout.


There’s plenty of systems on SISI that nobody will ever bother going to


Easy mode just doesn’t exist in Eve,


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No hideout is 100% impenetrable and the same applies in a single shard universe.

Sure, sounds great. However, since this system has zero risk it must also have zero reward. That means no stations, no PvE content, no activating modules or recharging shields/cap, and any PvP-related timers (including the logoff timer) pause for the duration of your stay in your private system. And to ensure the private system can’t be abused to escape from combat activating the gate has a 5 minute timer that requires your ship to be stationary within 1km of the gate for the entire duration and resets to zero if you have any PvP-related flags.

IOW, risk vs. reward makes this potential mechanic utterly pointless and a waste of developer time. Also, ban the OP for being terrible.



What a pain in the ass, why not just require that the person is docked in an NPC station? If that is true then they’re out of combat.

I don’t really see the point in it myself, as above, zero reward in the system, so aside from choosing what your station looks like, sun, planets etc etc, it’s not giving you much you can’t get from 3DSMax or similar.

I’d even be ok with it being pvp enabled, provided nothing dropped and the wrecks are impossible to salvage. But again, why not just use Sin?

This already exists: It’s called SiSi :wink:

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Oh yeah I did already say that.

Irrelevant I was talking to the OP

You can play house, did you want some dolls too?

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“I am scared and want my own safe space”


Scat Lover, aah must be new to Eve. Welcome, my friend. This place you look for exists! Pm in-game and I will guide you there, for 1 isk.

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