Patchwork Freelancers is recruiting - Become a Freelancer today!

Become a Freelancer today! A PvP alliance that welcomes different professions!

We are a highsec-lowsec alliance focused on PvP.

We unite pilots from different careers in order to learn and do pvp together.

You can experience the freedom to play your career of choice, get help as well as have a common purpose and opportunity to pvp.

-organized fleets
-small gang and hunting
-fitting assistance
-career path assistance
-pvp tutorials and training
-new pilot friendly
-based around Dodixie
-Eu/Us Tz

We welcome alphas as well as rookies. Training is provided as well as tips and tricks of different professions. Depending on your skill level and desires we have corporations open to recruitment that can welcome you aboard.

Iā€™m Entropy Valmorgen, feel free to contact me for more information or you can find me in this channel-
Bloodhorn Public

Fly safe o7


This is still available.

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