Pathfinder background or transparency settings

I have tried siggy, Pathfinder and Tripwire and I really like the features of Tripwire and Pathfinder but keep coming back to siggy because of the easy to read interface. Does anyone know if it is possible to remove the transparency in Pathfinder and/or just revert to a simple solid colour background rather to make everything easier to read?

Yep! This is the very first thing I did when using Pathfinder.

  1. Install a browser extension that allows you to make custom modifications to the website’s CSS. Userstyles is the most popular option, but there are good open source alternatives for pretty much every browser & platform.
  2. Create a new custom style for URLs on the domain your corp is hosting pathfinder on.
  3. Add the following CSS to the custom style:
#sb-site, .sb-site-container { background-image: none; }
  1. Save custom style and reload pathfinder.
  2. Profit!

Actually, never mind, the latest release removed the background image:

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