PC clean Legacy toon 2005 no corp history or kb

Title says it all. I have a totally unknown to public ~5m SP toon with DOB in late 2005. Killboard is clean, corp history is clean (starter corp), else is clean. Nickname is normal english name-surname combo.
Has a few legacy mails from 2005 from himself with ‘hey me, its me, you have a skill finished’ and all that stuff.

Nice name
id pay a bil, hit me up if you want to sell

2.5b. i like the name and dob. my main here was created around the same time. if you’re interested, hit me up, i’d be happy to buy it for no other reason than to have another 2005 character.

Post it for sale in Bazaar, I would like to bid on it.

Not gonna happen, this is why posted from an alt and not disclosing any names. You can post your estimate or offer me via mail.

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